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  1. It's an obligation to use Rebuild all fonction ? I just slipstream SP1 into all Vista editions.
  2. "Rebuild All" fonction is very important ?? because If I don't Rebuild All and make directly ISO, ISO file is too big to be write into DVD-R.
  3. With this method I had problem, when I want to install Vista (fresh install) I had an error on install.wim before Format screen.
  4. I think I have found my problem.... I have slipstream SP1 into all Vista x64 versions (ULTIMATE, HOME BUSINESS, etc....) After It was finish (5-6 hours), I have made ISO, but ISO was to big to burn on DVD-R. I have click on "Apply" button to Rebuilding DVD (Rebuild all versions) and make ISO, and burn my DVD. But my Vista SP1 (All versions) don't work. There are a solution to make Vista SP1 (All versions) into DVD-R ?
  5. I have a BIG problem, my Vista x64 SP1 FR DVD doesn't work ! I have just slipstream SP1 into all Vista versions (ULTIMATE, HOME BUSINESS, etc....) keep all components, no changes, just add SP1 x64. take about 7 hours, When it was finish, I Rebuild Vista folder with "LOG", because If I don't Rebuild ISO was to big to write it. When Rebuild was finish I create ISO and write it. My problem : When Install Vista (fresh install), after I enter product key I have an error with install.wim corrupted or missed. message : ''Windows cannot open the required file E:\Sources\install.wim. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart the installation.".
  6. All in one disc? Me, If I don't use Rebuild fonction (Apply) ISO Image is too big (4.8Go) to write to DVD-R 4.7Go.
  7. If I Slipstream SP1 in all Vista versions without Rebuilding the ISO Image is too big for DVD burn (4,8GB) If at the and of all SP1 Slipstream (all Vista Editions) I click "Apply" to Rebuilding the ISO Image become Good size (4,3GB) Very strange I don't remove anything.... What does the Rebuilding do ??
  8. I don't want to remove components, I didn't change anything, I just Slipstream SP1 into all Vista versions. I have to different size ISO, if a don't rebuild and If I rebuild.
  9. I need information, I have only Slipsteam SP1 into all Vista versions (HOME, ULTIMATE, etc...), just after I have Create ISO, this ISO ---> ~4.7GB. After I Create this ISO, I have click on "Apply".....wait.....and try to Re-Create ISO at the end of Rebuilding (Rebuild All), and this new ISO ---> ~4.5GB. I repeat I don't remove/add anything, I have just Slipstream SP1 in All Vista versions. What is the best ISO ? I don't know what is the best ISO I could write...I don't understand why there are size difference. Rebuild fonction is could change only if I remove components, add drivers, etc....but I don't add/remove anything in this case.
  10. Ok, Rebuild is only usefull if I remove/add components, fixes, or tweaks ? Rebuild is not usefull only with SP1 Slipstream. to slipstream SP1 in each Edition, I didn't Re-launch Vlite, after slipstream of edition, I click on run, browse the same folder, choose an other edition and slipstream this edition.
  11. I want to Slipsteam SP1 into all versions of my Vista x64 DVD, but I need information. It's important to Rebuild/Resize (LOG Tab) with "Apply" after I slipsteam all versions ? Or it's not recommanded ? What is the final size of Full DVD with all version with SP1 ? less than 4.9 Gb (DVD Single Side capacity) ?
  12. What is the final size of Vista x64 SP1 ISO if I slipstream SP1 into all Vista versions (ULTIMATE, HOME, etc...) ?
  13. Hi, I have official Vista Ultimate x64 DVD without SP1, I just want to add SP1 with VLite 1.1.6 beta 2, I just check Slipsteam SP1 and Creat ISO. My question is, I have integrate SP1 with Slipsteam tab, but after that "Apply" button is not available (grey), and If a Create ISO file, just after the ISO File creating "Apply" will be available, and I could do Rebuilding step (LOG Tab). It's strange because I have already create the ISO before Rebuilding... I repeat, I want to slipsteam only SP1 x64 into Vista folder, I don't want to Rebuild, I just want to keep full DVD. LOG tab is not useful for me ? I could use only Task--->Slipsteam---->ISO Tabs ? Thanks for your help.
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