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  1. You can use a DVD 8gb or bluray. There will be no need to switch media during the installation.
  2. There is a critical error: Office2003-kb955439-fullfile-ENU.exe was not found on the remote server. It appears M$ had deleted them. Where can I download these files (fullfile to integrate onto officeinstallation)?
  3. Broken links! http://windows2000.tk is dead! What happened?
  4. You talk about donations, but i haven't found how to. Is (yet) possible to donate?
  5. The link provided for hfslip64-v1.1.4.zip is broken! It leads to: That page was not found. If you feel this is an error on our part, please leave a message on the HFSLIP support forum; let us know which operating system and browser you are using as well as information about any proxy or firewall software you are running. The error has been reported with the following data: IP: ***.***.***.*** Host: ********.******.com.br Request: /64/files/stable/hfslip64-v1.1.4.zip Referrer: http://hfslip.org/64/H64_downloads.html Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.2; WOW64; Trident/4
  6. Yes! There is HFSLIP64 (1.1.3) http://hfslip.org/64/ http://hfslip.org/64/files/stable/hfslip64-v1.1.3.zip
  7. Use HFSLIP64! http://hfslip.org/64/
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