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  1. I'm using an Inspiron 8500 with an nVidia GeForce4 4200. I have a second monitor attached and am using spanning. Problem is whenever I play a video, the second monitor always plays the movie full screen in addition to the window playing it. While good at times, any windows opened on the second monitor get hidden. Is there any option anywhere that I can turn this off? I have tried playing videos with WMP, video lan client, and real media, and they all do the same thing. All help is appreciated. thanks.
  2. What OS is Best For This Computer?

    I have a pentium II, 233Mhz with 32MB ram running 2k. It is kind of slow, but good enough for web browsing and office work.
  3. Hello all

    I learned everything mosly by example. I started with basic, I would say anyone who wants to start in programming should start there. For basic, I recommend finding Qbasic and use the help file extensively. Same thing with realbasic/visualbasic. Look at various commands, see what you can do with them, and try to make a program that is somewhat useful. One of my first programs in realbasic was just a window that had random balls bouncing around. For Perl the book "Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web" was invaluable. It acts like a reference book with tons of example code. For C++, i just picked up a text book from a used book store. The example code was useful more then any other text. What also is good practice is finding a simple game, and try to reproduce it. I started doing an online version of Dope Wars, learned alot from working on it, but never finished it. Good luck.
  4. Hello all

    I just want to say hello and introduce myself. I'm a freshman at Virginia Tech majoring in computer engineering. My first computer was Mac Performa, so I'm a mac person mostly. I have a Dell inspiron now as my main computer because school required a PC for engineers. This laptop is my first real PC, so I'm still relatively new to Windows although I built some older (pentium IIs) computers for a home office that have Win2k loaded on it. I think all the operating systems, mac, pc, linux, are all good in their own way and have their own quirks. (I have given up the arguement of which OS is better...) Programming language wise, I can learn just about any language if I have enough sample code. So far I taught myself Basic, RealBasic, VisualBasic, qBasic (my favorite ), C++, Perl, and right now learning to make batch files. I hope to answer as many questions as I ask, so anyone feel free to ask me anything.