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  1. I wish: I wrote them an email monday asking where it is possible to get them shipped into Canada and did not receive a reply. If they didn't bother writing a simple answer like that back to me for business, then I'm sure they won't bother with going through the trouble of answering technical questions. And if they did, they'd probably only copy and paste the same specifications from their website in an email. That's what ALL companies do. Speaking to companies is like talking to a **** brick wall. Anyways, if you want to add these four boards to the list of windows 98 compatible Motherboards: K8T-master2-FAR (difficult to find) K8T-master2-FAR7 (impossible to find in last 2 years) DK8N (this is a legendary board. If you find this, which you most likely never will, don't expect it to be cheap) Tyan Thunder K8W S2885ANRF (You will find this one in a few places if you look around. Problem is that it's a HUGE board. Need Server case) These are all dual opteron socket 940's. I still don't know if they'd be faster than today's AGP compatible baords.
  2. Hi guys, I've been on a quest to find the best PC that can Support windows 98. Because dosBox works only for VERY old games and Virtual Windows sucks and doesn't support graphice well. The point of this PC is to be able to support the largest number of games possible. I'll be installing 4 or 5 Operating systems, which I've done before. Remember all those need for speed games, test drive, mech warriors, doon, wolfenstein, descnet1,2,3, etc? I want my PC to be super compatible. Most of these cannot be played in other systems than windows 98. And often, those that are compatible wiuth other OS, seem to have graphic problems. So this is why I want to build a PC like on these forums. I've read through all your posts and I see many decent MOBO's with the support needed for windows 98. How would you compare your boards to the one I've found throughout my search? These are all dual socket 940 opterons which can support two opteron 250, 252, 254 and 256 processors. Yes in other words these are server boards which support windows 98. I currently have the K8t-master2-far7 board and a geforce OC 6800ultra (Fastest card with full windows 98 support) Two other good MObo's with win 98 support and aGP are the " Tyan Thunder K8W S2885ANRF" and the "dk8n" I was about to order two opteron 254's for my mobo since they're very powerful together and pay 200$ for 2 gigs pc400 ECC ram. I couldn't find any better, but now that I see this post, what do you think? These boards have processors which surpass most, but the ram isn't the greatest. so how would compare these boards to let's say the "4CoreDual-VSTA" or "AM2NF3-VSTA"? There is one board that interests me GREATLY! And I would take it Right away if i knew it was compatible with windows 98 That's the "ALiveDual-eSATA2" I can't find any windows 98 support for this, but this board seems perfect. So does ANYONE know if this board will work with windows 98? I would reeaallly like this board if I could play all me and my friends old games on it. This would probably end up being a board i'd keep for life. See, even if this board doesn't support windows 98, it has support for windows 2000 and up with both an AGP slot and full PCI-e. If I use my geforce 6800 ultra, is there a way around playing games that really need windows 98? Thank you very much.