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  1. hey i tried using the /S command on adobes shockwave player but it still ask if i want to install some norton scan thing is there anyway to avoid that?
  2. I got no idea what you talking about plz explain a little bit better
  3. I heard that there is a wpa key that works on every network with a wpa key anyone know if thats true!?
  4. XP Codec Pack 2.3.7 #NoTrayIcon #RequireAdmin #include "XP_Codec_Pack_2.3.7.exe" run ("XP_Codec_Pack_2.3.7.exe /S") WinWaitActive("Installer Language") Send("{ENTER}")
  5. Hey anyone know if there is a shortcut for the cd drive like the one for windows directory %windir% and system drive %systendrive%? Already tryed %CDROM% %CD-ROM% %CDDRIVE% %CD-DRIVE% Don't work... Could be nice if anyone know a place where all the shortcuts is listed!?
  6. i use /S but it aint skipping the language selection box *EDIT* I solved the problem with autoit =] CODE: run ("XP_Codec_Pack_2.3.6.exe /S") WinWaitActive("Installer Language") Send("{ENTER}")
  7. Yeah i also readed that microsoft is trying to make it an alternative to flash plugin but do anyone know where i can find the language code's? *EDIT* Nice i found it when i extract it its was full of files named different number i just open them in notepad and found the one in danish simple and by the way the .net 2.0 setup also got that function but i think it will check windows for language if you dont specify it so maybe you just have to change it if you want it to be in a different language than your windows version and yeah maybe its just the wizard text by i specify it just to be sure danish language code "1030"
  8. jqnson

    Need help!

    hey i once readed in a danish magazine that you can change windows to sort my computer on the desktop before my documents but can't remember how anyone know plz? I think it is something you have to change in the regedit... *EDIT* I found the function in the tweak ui powertoy from microsoft i still would like to have a registry key for it if anyone got it!? *EDIT AGAIN =]* I found it so nevermind [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{450D8FBA-AD25-11D0-98A8-0800361B1103}] "SortOrderIndex"=dword:00000054
  9. nuhi could you plz add an option for adding the sos command in the boot.ini it removes thé bootscreen would be nice to have integrated *EDIT* oh thinks its named loading screen sry xD
  10. I just thought it was necenssary but yeah maybe its not... thx
  11. I just checked the switches for silverlight and i cant figure out what to write after the /lang switch i added a picture of the usage dialog box...! How exactly do i get the language code anyone know!? if anyone know i want danish language if possible
  12. How can i silent install this pack? the /S switch can't remove the choose language box...
  13. Thats what i already use so it aint working But you right the lowercase /s don't work at all
  14. I want the xp codec pack to be a part of my unattended cd and i want to use a bat file at the end of the setup i already tried to use the switch /S and it removes everything except the choose language dialog anyone know what i can do to avoid that!?

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