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  1. hmm, interesting... guess i've never noticed it being "needed" for AR to run effectively... guess i view JS as "evil" - i only allow it in my web browser roughly 2% of the time, if that!... long live Proxomitron! but anyway, i'll just keep disabling it on my end, obviously a "personal preference", no need to force my preferences upon others
  2. throwing out another idea... might just be my personal preference, but what about DISABLING JavaScript? (i'll hunt for the reg-key if we decide to disable it...)
  3. i've also not noticed any problems with the removal of the PDF tab, everything seems fine for me as well... (oh, and apologies for not looking up the reg-key...) edit: ps - i hope it's not mentioned above [it's a LONG thread!], but, um, has it been mentioned about perhaps having the "Check for updates" DISABLED by default? HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\9.0\AVGeneral bCheckForUpdatesAtStartup REG_DWORD 0
  4. the "Create Adobe PDF Using Acrobat.com" is still present if the Reader is opened "embedded" with the web browser viewing pane... it would be nice if that "icon" were removed not only when opening the Reader "normally", but also while opened "inside" my web browser...
  5. okay, did the Office Updated "d@mn" site and no hotfixes showed up as being needed... then did a SYSTEM RESTORE to get rid of the "d@mn" ActiveX the MS forces upon us, lol...
  6. AWESOME utility... a definite "must have"... until stumbling into this forum about a month or two ago, i've always done all my updating via AutoPatcher - http://www.autopatcher.com/ since the stumble-upon, i've been *LOVING* the whole slipstreaming, from IE7 to WMP11 to AutoIt RunOnce's... i have a question revolving around the slipstreamed hotfixes - in a nutshell, how can i VERIFY that they've been installed... it "might" be an AutoPatcher thing, not sure yet, but AutoPatcher says SP3 is installed, but none of the 11 hotfixes selected to have been slipstreamed... i'm a LEGIT owner of my Office CD, but i AVOID "Microsoft Update" sites AT ALL COSTS (for the same paranoiac reasons that i "boycott" GOOGLE, lol)... but i guess if i MUST go to Microsofts "update" site for 'verification', i guess that's an option as a LAST RESORT... edit: forgot to mention - Office 2003 on Win XP Pro, both fully patched (aiming to "shrink" a fully-patched Office 2k3 with 'verifiable' proof that the hotfixes are 'embedded')...
  7. people actually READ those ???
  8. true... except i'm running 3264 and was too "stupid" to know that i'd need to UNINSTALL IT before installing any "newer" SP3's... i didn't "keep" the uninstall directories (my standard practice for any hotfix directories), axed them to 'save space'... :/ oh well, that gives me until 180 days from the release of 3264 to "perfect" my slipstreaming and be ready to re-install everything... (i tend to format/re-install once or twice a year anyway, which led this newbie to these forums - autoit/nlite/et cetera to install EVERYTHING in one fell-swoop...)
  9. i'm seeing some sites saying to "Start -> Run -> winver" and that the box that opens is supposed to tell us the expiration date... i'm seeing no expiration date, even installed a fresh SP2 in VirtualBox and then installed the latest SP3 v.5508, still no "winver" expiration... there "has to be" a way for me to find out WHEN (if?) my SP3 v.3264 "expires" WITHOUT me booting up one morning and not being able to do so, with no advance notice...
  10. what do you mean "expire" ??? i've been using sp3 v.3264 since December (if not November, actually)... it hasn't "expired"... is it "supposed to"?
  11. when you resource-hacked to extract the icon, upon saving it, what YEAR is attached to it... that'll, i guess, at least tell us how OLD of a software we might be looking for...
  12. do you happen to have the "real" NAME of the icon? or only what you yourself named it? Tray Tools 2000 ???

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