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  1. I'll be verry gratefull, it's verry important for me... thanks
  2. I think it's because vista 64bit... LegoLiam™ is using 64bit version vista too... so you have no problems... me and csci1000 are having this problem on vista 32bit...
  3. Ok, I'll try to explain... I'm installing windows 10-20 times in 1 week (XP and Vista). I'm testing different compilations, created by nlite and vlite, and testing how the software (That I or my clients need) works with that... you can count how many PC's I have installed for the last year... So I was testing Office 2003 SP2 before SP3 was released, now I use Office 2003 SP3...
  4. If I remove speech support, then after installing MS Office 2003 on Vista SP1 vlited, the windows installer starts, whatever I'm trying to run (IE, notepad, word, nero... any application... even when I open the "My Computer") with the same session.ini file (but speech support not removed) everything works fine... P.S. I was using MS Office 2003 on all beta's and RC releases of vista, on final windows vista and on vista sp1 (all not vlited), without no problems B)
  5. I was testing on Vista SP1 too... (6001.18000.080118-1840_x86fre_Client_en-us-FRMCFRE_EN_DVD.iso) If anyone would have the same results, post please...
  6. I'm sure for 100% that it's the "speech support". I have tested twice with windows vista vlited with removed speech support, and without removing it... so "speech support" is required for MS Office 2003 to work properly...
  7. Hi everyone, I have the same problem with MS Office 2003, and I'm 100% sure the reason is one of the components I'm removing with VLite... VLite is incredible software, making Vista better and helping us to improve the performance of our PC's, but we have to find what component removed by VLite that makes the issue with MS Office 2003... My sugestion is to try removing single components one by one, and installing vlited vista every time (for example on virtual pc) and installing office 2003, today I'll begin, if I find the component, that we shouldn't remove, I'll post it... if anyone of you do the same, I would be gratefull... sorry for my english :-P

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