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  1. Customised Vista install help

    I am integrating the drivers with vLite. If you would like the .ini file associated with the install, I'll pm you it.
  2. what's your computer's performance?

    Not really sure this is relevant anymore, but... It's also common knowledge that WEI is pretty much useless. Any computer with 4 logical processors - be it a P4 dual core w/hyperthreading, or a Core i7 (when it gets here) will get 5.9 in cpu score, regardless of real performance. (This was confirmed a while back with the aforementioned P4 downclocked to 1.2ghz). 5.8 is the highest available for dual core processors. Not sure about Phenom X3 processors... if anyone has one it'd be interesting to know.
  3. Customised Vista install help

    The drivers in question are the official Catalyst 8.9 drivers and the new release of Asus Xonar drivers, direct from the site. http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.../common-vista64 ^ Catalyst, "Display Driver" link. (No direct links to the file work, due to referrer blah). http://dlsvr04.asus.com/pub/ASUS/Audio_Car..._RC01_Vista.zip ^ Asus Xonar soundcard drivers. Please note: RC in file name doesn't mean release candidate. This is the final release of driver Thanks for any info you can provide.
  4. Customised Vista install help

    Hey there. This is my first post here, but I've been an avid reader here for a long time ^,^ I currently have a Vista Ultimate x64 customised install dvd. My mobo is OEM preinstall enabled, so I have created a dvd with: My drivers integrated. All hotfixes required for my system (correct to 17th sept. 2008) Russian Language pack. My OEM cert stolen from my oem restore DVD, but the base image was created from a retail dvd, thanks to the junk that comes with my OEM disc. Also, I have removed: The majority of the voice junk, 2.2gb for a "feature" most people dont/wont use? Most languages; hence the inclusion of the russian pack listed above. Misc removals to save space (sample vids, etc.) Right, so now to my problem. As far as I can tell, the install works perfectly - It installs and runs in about 20 minutes and detects all my hardware. However, I have a slight issue: Sicne I have x64, the drivers I'm integrating are (obviously) signed. However, I intended this dvd to be unattended. When the install gets to the point of installing the drivers for my Radeon 4850 HD's and Asus Xonar soundcard, a dialog box appears asking if i REALLY want to install the drivers from the "unknown" publishers. It's not UAC, but just a verification since the drivers are from "unknown" publishers. Is there any way for me to bypass this to set the drivers to install without confirmation? It would be such a let down if I can make the install unattended, just to have to confirm the driver installs at the end. I have mentioned the things I have added/removed from the dvd to see if any of those are causing this issue. If you guys can provide any help with this, I'd be much appreciated.