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  1. You have to be just a little bit more specific than "something was missing". Did it say NTLDR was missing? If you have multiple drives, try unplugging the power cable from all but the drive you installed Vista onto. If you get the same error, then you will have to re-install Vista, but make sure that only the drive you want Vista installed to (C:\) is enabled. Windows sometimes has an issue where it installs NTLDR to an IDE drive, and the OS to a SATA drive. Unplugging the IDE drive forces Vista to install NTLDR to the SATA drive which then makes it bootable.
  2. You might be able to get it to work, check out this guide for ideas on how to get your recovery DVD recognized by vLite.
  3. Different OEM's modify Vista in different ways...from personal experience, the Lenovo Recovery DVD that came with my laptop is fully compatible with vLite. I've even integrated SP1, with no errors on install or in any of the administrative logs. Anyone else with an OEM Recovery DVD please post your results to avoid other people from engaging in meaningless hypothetical arguments.
  4. It is currently impossible to patch tcpip.sys in SP1. Microsoft has digitally signed the driver and checks it upon boot up. Patching the file in SP1 will prevent you from booting your system, even into safe mode. Fortunately, there's a work around. Go to mydigitallife and download the cracktcpip.sys driver. You have to manually install it, but documentation is provided and quite easy. Basically, cracktcpip.sys runs parallel to tcpip.sys and monitors the memory address that limits half-open connections to 10 in Vista. Because the value is only two digits in hex, cracktcpip.sys can only change the maximum half-open connections to 255, but hey, I'm not complaining now that I can use my browser along side my torrent client again. I've tested it on un-vlited x32 Vista as well as vlited x32 Vista, and the only error I've found in Event Viewer is under security, Event ID 5038 (System Integrity; image hash is invalid or corrupt). Eset Nod32 doesn't consider the file a threat, either. Until my school provides me with a free copy of Server 2008 (which doesn't have a connection limit), I'll be using Vista with cracktcpip.sys.

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