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  1. PE 2.0 Boot Screen

    Thank you zorphnog. I tried several location to putting the bootmgr.exe.mui file in the WDS(Windows deployment service). But I can't change Message Text & Color at the plogress bar . I think WDS put the bootmgr.exe to Taget PC by tftp, but WDS does not put bootmgr.exe.mui file to target PC,though bootmgr.exe doesn't know the bootmgr.exe.mui. Boot from DVD is OK, and boot from WDS with "BCD : quietboot yes" is OK. If anybody know how to try with WDS, please teach me it. Thank you everybody.
  2. PE 2.0 Boot Screen

    Thank you for your Help !! I Tried it, but i did not success. I put custumized bootmgr.exe.mui in C:\RemoteInstall\Boot\en-US & C:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x86\en-US. I did "bcdedit /store c:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x86\default.bcd /set {bootmgr} locale en-US" . I did "bcdedit /store c:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x86\test.wim.bcd /set {identifier} locale en-US" . There is "Windows Deployment Services Role" at Microsot TechNet Associate a language pack with an install image You can associate multiple language packs with a single image, reducing the number of images you need to maintain. To use a language pack, create the appropriate folder structure and copy the language pack. Language packs are only supported on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems. If I want to use bootmgr.exe.mui for "WDS", Do i need Windows 2008 server? Thank you .
  3. PE 2.0 Boot Screen

    Hi Zorphnog, Instructions for modifying the "Windows is loading files..." text is Greate ! And I want to do same setting at "WinPE lanboot from Windows Deployment Service on Windows server 2003 std SP2. I custumized bootmgr.exe.mui at C:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x86\en-US. But "Windows is loading files..." message is not changed. It succesed at boot from DVD. Please tell me how can i set. Thank you .