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  1. i found out the parameters allready but thats not my primary problem, seems like the firstlogoncommands does not work for me, no batchfile will be started, not from the dvd and i dont know how to use the $oem$-way from XP to transfer files and dirs from the dvd directly while vista will be installed. anyways, i will give up my idea again because i have no more time and thoose 2 days were really wasted time for me .. greets, max
  2. Hi ppl, another idea. How about to use a batchfile which will be started from the DVD? Well, so it should be possible to copy some dirs from the DVD and start another batchfile from the hdd then .. i will try that .. maybe someone else which searchs for this will be happy now. And another question - i dont wanted to open an own post for it: is it possible to install the vista sp1 silently with parameters? And could someone tell me a list of updates AFTER sp1? That would be very nice. Thanks. so long, max
  3. hi! i got time today to work on my vista setup but just now noone answered my post in the unattented.xml samples thread: please help me to get ride of it now, i really just need to know how to get folders from the dvd copied onto the systemdrive and call a batchfile after .. without waik and other programs. thanks! greets, max
  4. Hi there! First of all - fantastic samples! Now my question - i couldnt solve the problem yet to run a simple batchfile after installation .. as i see some of thoose samples added a line with a batchfile, follow: <FirstLogonCommands> <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <CommandLine>%SystemDrive%\install\GUIrunOnce.cmd</CommandLine> <Description>customises settings</Description> <Order>20</Order> </SynchronousCommand> </FirstLogonCommands> OK here comes the question: How do i copy the install-dir into the system-drive and how could i add the variable systemdrive - or does it work after i copied the directory to the sysdir? You know .. i dont have alot of time to spend on my own Vista-DVD, thats why i dont want to get ride of WAIK, id rather use some own batchfiles to add updates and registrytweaks after installation, i think its the best solution because the implementation of updates and software dont works at all (many users reported problems on waik). i hope someone could tell me how to copy a directory from the dvd, including sub-dirs and all files and tell me if it works with the batchfile-run-line in the unattented.xml lines ive posted in the code-tag up of my post. And yes .. err .. what does the order-line means? why it counts 20? i would be very happy if someone which knows what im asking for would help me. thanks alot allready, a very interesting community, im sorry for myself that i cant spend alot of time into this, im very busy. greets, max
  5. I need Help with ..

    Thanks again but i dont find out how to get started .. Ive found the Line to run a batchfile after installation while using the unattented.xml, but at least i dont know how to copy the OEM-dir which should be created in the sources-folder. Does it gets copied automaticly? How do i define the path to copy? Can i link the batchfile to run directly from the copied oem-dir? Or do i have to start it from the cd-drive? As noone answers i will stop trying to custimize my vista .. its still too much work and i dont want to spend weeks and weeks on it .. i cant. mfg, max
  6. I need Help with ..

    Thanks alot for this information, now i know what to search about! greets, marc
  7. I need Help with ..

    Someone got an idea? I really need to find an easy way to copy some dirs and execute a batchfile after installation .. mfg, Markus
  8. Hi ppl! Ive tried it a long time ago and now im getting started again. I want my Vista Ultimate to be fully customized, so ive did so with vLite. But vLite cant help me at all .. i want alot more! At least i need to run a batch file after installation but the hell i dont know how to do so .. Ive read about something like this: as i create a special OEM dir. on the DVD it will be copied on the basic system drive. Now i want to run a batchfile to install some updates which are copied within the oem dir. And yes, i want to open some more tweaks, e.g. registry files to add or silent batch-installation of programs. And now again: i need the lines required in my unattented.xml to copy some folders(oem) on the systemdrive and execute a batchfile after .. please dont be mad on me, im still a beginner and my english aint that good .. and waik is alot too difficult for me .. as i see that only a few lines are required .. why should i download such a big supersized program? anyways, thanks for now i hope someone would help me! greets, marc