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  1. Hi guys! Nice viewer indeed, since v2 Well, here switches to try, founded when parsing installer code. picasa3-setup.exe /S /L /L seems to desactivate automatic launch of picasa. Give a try and tell me ^^
  2. Well, I have encountered this prob too, and after looking here, I install the VC2008 SP1 ... for X64 (because my os is 64bit). But this didn't help me, I was forced to install x86 version for correct this problem! Is it normal?
  3. Thank you for your replies!^^ I download drivers only from manufacturer website. I already check 1.84 to 1.86 driver update via inf file, always the same, computer reboot. I always have a 0x0000007E error on HDAudio.sys. So, method tested: Fresh install with sp2b cd, chipset install ok, audio install reboot Fresh install with nlited xp (with 1.86): Install freeze at install drivers procedure. Fresh install with R1.84: everything is fine, update with R1.86 (both inf and installer): reboot Bios was updated on several mobo and the same symptoms occured. I build computers for my work, so every parts are brand new and different (lot of asrock mobo ^^')
  4. Hi folks! Is someone has trouble with Realtek HDAudio driver since R1.85? O.S. is xp home sp2b, I'm not new with drivers installation ^^' R1.85 and R1.86 reboot computers on install, event when I integrate them into xp with nlite, xp install bug! R1.84 work fine! Tested mobo was asrocks conroe1333-d667 and an MSIs.

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