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  1. Hey! I believe I was in absolutely the same situation as you were a bit over a year ago as it seems . I have a solution. It is simple. It's just MSI's fault that we are confused. Click here Hope this helps someone, cause I was hugely irritated when I found this post and found also that no one had replied to it .
  2. Hi! I have an Nforce2 motherboard MSI K7N2-ILSR with Promise pdc20376 chip (which can also be called "Promise 376" or "Promise FastTrak"). I did not find a solution in this topic to install Windows XP without floppy, BUT it did help me to try different things which led to a successful floppy-free installation! And the solution is very simple. MSI offers a package for my motherboard on their website called "nVidia nForce2 SATA RAID Driver (For floppy driver)" which seems like the right one, given that it is listed on the driver page for this motherboard model, but this driver does not work. So I started looking for a different package and noticed that there was one more driver package which sounded right located on the bottom of the drivers list. This package was "Promise Serial-ATA RAID Drivers". The guidance in this post told me that I should add the drivers as PNP, which I did try, but the right choice was TEXT mode. By clicking on add -> single driver -> pointing to the WinXP folder and fasttx2k and clicking ok gave me a list which had "WinXP Promise FastTrak 376 Controller" on it. Seemed correct so I selected it and continued. Burned the image on the cd and finally it worked. I am not sure if this post would have been the correct post for my system, since as far as I now understand, I don't have an NVIDIA nForce SATA raid chip although I have NVIDIA nForce chipset. Anyways, thought I'd post this here for people with the same motherboard or same SATA chip, so that they can find help more easily than I did. Thanks to Fernando for the help your post and testing has provided me with!
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