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  1. I gather you don't realise just how huge a subject you just asked about aumha has good concise articles to begin your studies please do yourself a favour and read every Article and FAQ listed on that page
  2. the_guy hasn't posted in this topic since Oct 2, 2007 erpdude8 What with 9 months to be born, 9 months to declare a project abandoned is a fairly safe measure Best to get mod/admin approval jic though, even if no one appears to know what happened After 2 yrs of dedicated commitment, on the verge of an RC, without a word to at least you or MDGx, is a bit odd I do hope he and his loved ones are ok. I'm pretty sure, that most of us know you'll do the right thing by him, if/when you do take it over... even us lurkers I'd hate to see all the effort everyone has put into this, to be just left hang
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