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  1. Could somebody tell me which fancy system the MFSN's UNattended Windows site useses. (http://unattended.msfn.org/). I really like this system and it would be great if I can get it somewhere. Anyone thanks!
  2. Wow nice one, could you share your Final working solution when its done? Im working on somethings of my own and it would be great if i could use them! Thanks in advance
  3. Does anybody know how to use the $OEM$ folders in a Win2000 Unattended Installation. They files/folders in the $OEM$ folder won't get copyd. What to do?
  4. Where to begin, i do not know which codes/text i need to use. Searching on Abobe for it wont help, i found nothing. So which codes/text do i need to use?
  5. I have searched a lot on the forum but i cant find my answer. I want to install 2 software apps. NOT in one suite/pack Adobe Illustrator CS2 Adobe Photoshop CS2 Could someone give me an helping hand? Thanks
  6. Maybe an very easy question but what is the best way to apply an .reg file SILENT? ONe that fits in the Run Box (For WIHU) Anyone? Sorry for this Topic. MOD Please remove
  7. Im working on some batch files, but i had a few question. I searched but did not found anything usefull. I want to remove a directory, WITHOUT confirmation? Auto close my batch fie Does anyone can help me?
  8. Thanks for your reply, i will have a look at it. But ofcource it must be Unattended for my CD. So think that is gonna be hard. Still looking for a Unattended way to change the name of My Documents, because i want to remove all my- tags. Anyone?
  9. I have done the search but found nothing usefull. Maybe because of my bad english... but erhm, could you give me a hand? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi i was wondering if it was possible to change the "My Documents", "My music", "My Pictures", etc. folders. Because i want just some folders like "Documents" (-my). Hope its possible Thanks
  11. I have just a few questions. Some of them may have been discused here but then i properly did not find them. Caused i searched for help with the CDROM but could not find any usefull, anyway... I want my apps installed from the CDROM. WPI is copyd to the normal folder (cd:\Install|WPI\...) I dont think simpply using '%CDROM%' will work. What do i need to change to read my instals from the CDROM? (I have repaced 'systemroot' by 'cdrom' I saw on some pics the nice way of viewing all apps you want to instal. For some reason i cant get it work. I want all apps catagorized below eachother. (Like this: http://members.aon.at/equinox/wpi/screenshots/screen1.gif) But i only want one row! And at last i want to tell the devs this win add-on is the best! Thanks
  12. I im trying to show a scrollbar in my WPI instalation cause i got many, many apps to be selected and installed. So far i dindt managed to use the scrollbar (i prefer ro use it any time, any resolution) Ive read a few threads back but it didnt helped me. Im using the latest WPI by hasi001. I hope somebody has an simple solution
  13. Thank you for the respond, it works like a charm. Greets
  14. hi there , i was just wondering maby somebody here knows the switch for DesktopX 2 Pro. Its an Wise instalation and it asks for an password. Yes ive checked this unnattended section, the website, wise website and google. But i couldn find a way to get through it silently. I hope somebody can help me , greets
  15. I doubt anyone knows this, apps like switchfinder didnt help me. Messenger Discovery 2.5 is a sort of Messenger Plus!, it has some features that Plus! doesnt have. But i have no idea what the swich could be. I hope somebody can help me out. Greets Sebas (If somebody know a bit about WPI please help me cause i was wondering if i have to create a 'instal.cmd' and put it in the instal dir.)
  16. I did some searches, not a singele result. But i was wondering if Sophos Anti-Virus and Remote Update have some switches,.. or how to find out wich they have. I hope sombody knows cause sophos has some great products i want to use in my unattended setup. Greets Sebs
  17. Thanks for the fast response. But i did a search, finded the 1.03 stuff. But im talking about 1.04. There could be changed much in this version like switches, but i dont know how to view them. Anyway ill hope your code can help me (even as it is for 1.03) Greets Sebas
  18. Lavasoft just released Ad-Aware SE 1.04 (Pro) Im using RunOnceEx and i have no clue how to start making a working code. So if somebody allready have it or explain how to. Please post. Greets Sebas
  19. Thanx guys! Now i can continue my setup Sebas
  20. Ive searched the forum and the guide but i cant find it. Maby its caused by my bad english . I know some more %SystemRoot% - System Root %WinDir% - Windows Dir %AllUsersProfile% - All users dir. But does anyone know more than these such a programfiles, or the local disk. I hope somebody does. Sebas

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