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  1. I got a serious problem with IE8. OS is XP SP3 fully updated. After first start IE8 uses 20-40 mb of ram. As I open new tabs the the usage of ram climbs up even if I close some of them and reaches 2 - 2.2 gb of ram for IE only. If I close IE everything is back to normal amd the ram is freed up. The cycle begins again when I open IE.
  2. I have Vista and it works just fine except one problem: I can't modify start menu privacy options in the taskbar and start menu properties, every time I select those chekboxes and click apply windows deselectes them and as a consequence no word or excel files are remembered by windows to have been modified.
  3. A week ago I upgraded to SandyBridge so I did o complet reinstall of win, that's means format, install win, install driver sand so on. I have sound in every application (VLC, winamp, games, etc) but not in WMP11!! If I double-click a mp3 the first 5-6 seconds I hear the music but after this it's all quiet. I already tried ffdshow to see if this works and it doesn't. Any help would be great! As a side note where does vista put the screenshots taken with PRINT SCREEN?
  4. Adobe pulled the plug on W2k with the latest Reader, version 10, it no longer installs! Untill a workaround (if one) will be discovered I think we have to stick with version 9.
  5. It works, it works perfectly for music and movies! Thanks a lot iamtheky. I play just now a very old queen concert and I have "surround". The problem however remains with games; for example in BF2 I can hear in all boxes but not true 3d sound, they just sound the same!
  6. Yes, I tested all the speakers, they are all ok and everything is setup fine; I also tried the Vlc, latest version, and it doesn't work, only the 2 front speakers are active when I played some music.
  7. I got a problem with winamp and WMP in vista: all I got is stereo when I listen to music (mp3) and some games such as Battlefield 2! In XP I had all the time surround in games and music (I know that was not true surround but WMP played very well and I could listen with all 6 boxes). I am aware of the fact that Vista features a completely rewritten audio stack and doesn't support direct sound; maybe somebody found a solution. I didn't post in the hardware section because I think this is a vista-related problem. I used the latest realtek drivers and everything is setup well; in some games like COD4 I do have surround!
  8. I found a way to circumvent the "assistant problem": if I put the cd back in and run setup again I can remove the assistant and finally get rid of that little annoying clip. This is also how I made changes to the original installation; the problem with the settings is still there - all changes are "forgotten" at reboot.
  9. Has anyone tried to install office xp on Vista business*64? I have that version of office and after installation I can not change anything; settings, disable the assistant; outlook doesn't even work all the times. on vista compability site office xp is listed as compatible with vista*86 but upgrade is recommended with vista*64; I don't get it, works well with one version and not with the other where it's supposed to be the same OS?
  10. ND22

    Run as Admin

    As an after-thought if I use a limited account with uac disable wouldn't have the same effect or better than using the administrator account with uac turned on?
  11. ND22

    Run as Admin

    I don't want to disable UAC because I think it's a step in the good direction; all I want it's to be able to "tweak" it the way i see fit.
  12. I just got my copy of Vista business *64 together with a new harddrive and everything runs fine but I am puzzled by the UAC; if I set an application to run with admin privileges I still get asked every single time if I agree with that (some particular software runs at stratup). How can I set up that application or any other to run with admin privileges every time without nag screens?
  13. I have a limited user account for my little nephew so he can surf the web and play games but I want to limit acces to specific programs so he can't start/modify them. I'm sure it's pretty simple but it seems I can't get it right.
  14. I have just installed WinXp SP3 and I can't install my sound card!! I downloaded from MS SP3 and slipstreamed into a cd over SP2 and after installation (clean install with format) I have no sound! I did everything right: I installed drivers for my mobo, after that for my GFX. When I try to install the latest driver a message appears that I don't have a compatible soundcard to install that driver to! Before that I had both winxp SP2 and winxp *64 and EVERYTHING worked fine.
  15. Thanks for the tip, I found the cause but I can't solve the problem! Guess will have to do with standby!
  16. Hello everyone this is my first post here! I had installed for the first time Win Xp x64 and it seems I don't have the option to put the pc in hibernation anymore. In win xp pro x32 I had but here no. I have installed every device in the system correctly and everything works fine as seen in this screenshot:

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