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  1. Control Panel Extension file

    I have used CPL File Maker before, but then I really make use of its created files. I do put those cpl file and cpi file into system32, but this seems works only on XP 32-bit. sounds good... But if possible, I prefer cpl and cpi files.
  2. USB Autorun

    Did you mean by making a USB seen as "Fixed", the Thumbdrive will be displayed as a hard drive instead of Removable disk? I guess it is. So, I downloaded the checkudisk.rar from the page you had provided. This is the info displayed: *************************************** Name: DataTraveler 2.0 (USB2.0) Logic Driver: J:\ VID&PID: Vid_08ec&Pid_0016 Speed: high speed VendorID: Kingston ProductID: DataTraveler 2.0 Product Revision: 6.16 Vendor Description: Kingston Product Description: DataTraveler 2.0 Serial Number: 0EE153606220799D *************************************** Any ideas on this product, please? Is there any software can be used for all USB Thumbdrive to create autorun? Or is there any special .inf or .ini file can be created for this purpose?
  3. Where should I put those Control Panel Extension file, .cpl and .cpi into so that I can get it appears in Control Panel? I only know where to put them in Windows XP Pro 32-bit.
  4. USB Autorun

    I would like to make an autorun for my USB Thumbdrive, that is when I insert it to computers, the application that I want it autorun can run automatically. I have make an Autorun.inf in the root of my USB Thumbdrive. [Autorun] Open=ABC.exe Icon=Ringe.ico Well, the icon has successfully replace the XP Drive icon, means the line Icon=Ringe.ico works. But why ABC.exe do not run on itself when I insert it to PC? Any ideas on creating autorun? If possible, I do not want to use software like MultiSet (But MultiSet only works on disc) But never mind of that, just post ideas you want to suggest. Thank you very much!!!
  5. Internet Explorer 7 Crash Problem

    DigeratiPrime, This is the image. Bytes 0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74 Applicat 0008: 69 6f 6e 20 46 61 69 6c ion Fail 0010: 75 72 65 20 20 69 65 78 ure iex 0018: 70 6c 6f 72 65 2e 65 78 plore.ex 0020: 65 20 37 2e 30 2e 36 30 e 7.0.60 0028: 30 30 2e 31 36 34 31 34 00.16414 0030: 20 69 6e 20 6b 65 72 6e in kern 0038: 65 6c 33 32 2e 64 6c 6c el32.dll 0040: 20 35 2e 31 2e 32 36 30 5.1.260 0048: 30 2e 32 31 38 30 20 61 0.2180 a 0050: 74 20 6f 66 66 73 65 74 t offset 0058: 20 30 30 30 31 65 62 33 0001eb3 0060: 33 0d 0a 3.. Words 0000: 6c707041 74616369 206e6f69 6c696146 0010: 20657275 78656920 726f6c70 78652e65 0020: 2e372065 30362e30 312e3030 34313436 0030: 206e6920 6e72656b 32336c65 6c6c642e 0040: 312e3520 3036322e 31322e30 61203038 0050: 666f2074 74657366 30303020 33626531 0060: 0a0d33 Thanks for kindly helping
  6. I was asked by MillenX to help him post this. Oh sorry for being careless that I left out this important information. Well I did not notice any log file created by Nero in this context but I was not sure if it really created one. So, it seems turned out to be. I don't really know much about WPI. In that case, are you using it for Windows XP unattended installation? If you do, why not try to use other methods like cmdlines.txt, svcpack.inf...
  7. Internet Explorer 7 Crash Problem

    Sorry guy for letting any misunderstanding invades. Firefox is the best, which is known for its fast and efficient service, as quoted in many websites. I do have a Firefox 2.00, and man, even the Grand Paradiso! If you don't know about this evoluted Firefox, better check it out. But guy, we are borned to cope every problem without letting it a chance to escape, aren't we? In other context, are you going to leave your system go tearing out? When I hit Don't send button the IE windows turn off automatically. Well so, turn off Error Reporting Service do not really help. So teach me if you know to cope with this problem. Thank you very much.
  8. Here's some shell extensions...

    There are several ways. You could use $OEM$ folders for example to have the DLL copied over to your system32 folder, or create a self-extracting, silent installer package which extracts the DLL to your system32 folder. Next you could run regsvr32.exe /s filename.dll from a batch file, via RunOnce or RunOnceEx, automatically after the extraction of your self-extracting, silent installer package, et cetera. kmaheshkumar, Sorry for getting to you back lately. I assume your word "unattended" means unattended Windows Disc that you wanna create. Well, you may have had a way that satisfy you in your case. Anyway I post this to benefit the readers, as it might. I do get them into unattended installation of Windows XP Pro. I use Smart Installer Maker 2.6 (Current version = 5.01) to pack the dll extension file into an installer (.exe). But if you use a trial version of it, the built installer will show a dialog says that it is a demo version of ....... This nag screen will also appear even you install it silently, but will disappear very fast as the installer completes the installation quickly. However you still can use it fine. Thanks to spiritpyre for coming back
  9. I meet this problem oftenly when I open certain webpages. Any idea please? I don't want "install firefox/maxthon/opera.." be the resolution... Any idea please?
  10. I use the Microsoft cleanup utility. Thanks you! It helps exactly!
  11. Weeks ago, I had installed Trend Micro Pc-Cillin Internet Security Pro 2008 v14 (Filename: TrendMicro_TIS-Pro_16.0_1412_x32_T.exe). But then I had wanted to uninstall it because it crashed at startup and took a century to load. But the problem came when I can't uninstall it because even the process is crashing too. So I went into Windows Safe Mode to uninstall it but the attempt failed due to some problems of Windows Installer Package. So I removed its installation folder. Another problem cames. I was unable to install it again and was asked to remove it completely. Now when I run the installer, it shows this. This problem has hindered me from installing Trend Micro Pc-Cillin Internet Security 2008 v14 (not the Pro version I mentioned) and another product of the same kind like Kaspersky Internet Security 7. Is the any way to solve this problem? I have tried to remove its registry using it Registry Remover and other software like Ace Utilities but it seems registry is not accounting for this case. Help me please!
  12. I use Xilisoft WMA MP3 Converter to convert file to WMA format. There is a lot of settings to choose and to set for the audio file. I just don't understand what is the difference between stereo A/V CBR and stereo CBR in audio? What is Stereo Low Delay CBR and VBR Quality? And what is sample rate?
  13. hmm.. what I can say is this answer just don't meete my satisfication. But anyway, thank you for kindly replying. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Repeated question removed by Moderator
  14. MSFN Question

    Thank you so much!!!
  15. MSFN Question

    How to get those "Advanced Members, MSFN Master, MSFN Expert, The Guy from Aus, Junior, .etc" in the left pane of every post? And How to get the stars below it? Why are some people get Group: Super Moderator, .etc?