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  1. Ya, i googled and found out the same, but how to solve it? Is it because i didnt slipstreamed the AHCI drivers?
  2. Hello. Here is what i did: 1- Slipstreamed this driver with the Win xp installation: http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_630a_winxp64_14.10.html 2- Installed windows. Then when the installation completed succecfully, windows Xp x64 was loading, so i got Bsod and restart very fast, so i recorded it with my phone and paused it when i could see the Error code that is 0x0000007b I dont what to do now ? no clue, I appreciate any help My computer info: Any hope for me running Windows xp? :S i am really confused and sick of vista
  3. Do you mean like this http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/36/ ? Gotta try If someone want to help me thought msn, here it is: Abdullahgheith9@msn.com
  4. Nope, same problem Bsod and restart. I dont have any recovery cd
  5. Thx. I thought i figured it out. I integrated the drivers for nForce 560. And it worked, it could see my harddrive. But i was wrong When i installed it, and it was ready to run (Windows xp), under windows boot screen BSOD came and it restarted. Cannot even start in Safemode Gonna try with your chipset Do you think it will work? These are the drivers burning now: Last cd, Then i need to open a new pack - Spend 10+ cds on testing ^^
  6. Try uninstalling the driver form device manager, restart computer, find som drivers at Creatives homepage, install them, evtually restart again Donnu, creative is great
  7. Yup. Here it is: http://www.halfdone.com/pastebin/?id=784-D47 i also need the SATA drivers
  8. Hello on Fujistu siemens homepage theres only the drivers for windows vista, but now i want to install windows XP, if i manage that, is it possible to let the drivers work on xp properly? my laptop is an amilo pa 2548. but i cant find the sata drivers on their website, how to install xp? Property Value Type Direct Access Device Vendor Western Digital Model WDC WD16 00BEVS-07RST SCSI Disk Device Disk Family WD Scorpio SATA Interface IDE FIBRE Size 160 GBytes Removable No Logical Disks C: D: Location Tertiary Controller - Master drive Form Factor 2.5" Rotational Speed 5400 RPM (Nominal) Average Latency 4.20 ms (Nominal) Read Seek Time 12.00 ms (Average) Track-To-Track Seek Time 2.00 ms (Average) SMART Support No If you need to know anything please ask Some more info:

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