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  1. can anyone help me with this or maybe redirect me to somewhere that might help?
  2. I have tried everything to get my dad's Creative Labs Zen Sleek to connect to the pc and I can't get it to. It will only come up as unkown device under the universal usb controllers. I have tried uninstalling windows media player and reinstalling it, nothing. Tried opening the permissions to the everyone user profile in the registry, nothing. Any suggestions would be greatly be appreciated. I have read through the creative forums and have not been able to find a resolution. They say Creative mostly blames Microsoft for the problem when you call. And they also charge like $13 for a half hour to basically tell you that. I am really considering never buying another Creative Labs product, this is ridiculous. Windows XP Home Asus P4B ATI 9800 xt 512 MB ram
  3. Is it possible to use the latest version of Ghost with the .v2i file extension for an unattended recovery disk? All the tutorials show it working when the extension was .gho but not .v2i. Can I just change the GHO cammands to V2I or will this not work with the versions from 9 on when they changed to .v2i?
  4. Does anybody know if these guides for making these recovery disk will still work with ghost 12? I searched the web and the newest ones I find are like from 05. In ghost 12 the recovery images are now saved as .v2i extension. Will this still work if I just change the .gho settings to .v2i. Or is the program that much different now. Read that is actually is Powerquest Drive Image renamed because Symantec bought it out.

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