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  1. Update 1: OK! by adding the following settings to the above SFX file, I made this thing working. However it is NOT FULLY automated. Under Advanced SFX Options I mention a "path where to extract the files" c:\MSUpdates. During Windows XP setup, it asks me to click on NEXT so that it can extract the required files. Could some one please point what additional settings need to be made to fully automate this process. Thanks in advance.
  2. This guide is simply great and perfectly fits my requirements. However being a noob here, I am kind of stuck with the SFX file creation thing. I create the SFX file in the following way. When I double click this SFX file nothing happens. Can someone help me with this step. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the super quick reply IcemanND Appreciate that I will see how it goes.
  4. Hi there I have a query regarding vbs script files. I have made a couple of registry tweaks which I would like to run AUTOMATICALLY after Windows XP is successfully installed. I followed the steps in the Intermediate section of this website for Windows XP which shows how to execute a batch file (.REG) in the T-12 or T-13 stage of Windows XP. Is there anyway with which I can make use of these vbs script files so that I can automate a lot of registry tweaks we do after building a computer. I would really appreciate your help Thanks