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  1. Thanks Boy for information.
  2. Ok Boy. Question: The program is designed to create my own patcher correct? May I run this patch more than once? May I run it if I already did it before? I want this program to create my theme Crystal (linux KDE) By Everaldo Thank you for vertigosity's Inexperience Patcher 0.7.1 My desktop Certo Cara. Pergunta: O programa é feito para criar o meu própio patcher correto? Quero que este programa para criar o meu tema Crystal (linux do KDE) Por Everaldo Obrigado por vertigosity's Inexperience Patcher 0.7.1 Meu desktop
  3. Thank You! Plz i have FEAR for BETA version... Plz give me a old stable version of this program?
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