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  1. I still make this installers for my clients, and the majority of them don't have an iPhone, just iPods. Also, it would make the installer grow considerably. However, I will remember your suggestion and perhaps I'll add it in future releases. You can always extract my installer and add MobileDeviceSupport. After that, you can repack it to make a new switchless installer. There are instructions on this forums. Thanks. I'm not distributing the installer, I just use it for myself, so no big deal. I just grab the AppleMobileDeviceSupport msi from the corresponding full iTunes version, install it first and then use your installer which is great. The only annoying part is that I still have to download the bloated full iTunes just to extract AppleMobileDeviceSupport from it.
  2. How about including AppleMobileDeviceSupport in the lite installer? I think it's more common that people now have an iPhone than an iPod.
  3. No, it does not start it as per my original post.
  4. Yes, it does install 1 service and while it can be set to Manual, it's not convenient if you have an iPhone and connect it to the computer on a regular basis. When iTunes starts it does NOT start the mobile service automatically like it starts the iPod service. It just complains that the iPhone cannot be managed because the mobile service is not running. So you'd have to start the service manually and then start iTunes or have some bat script that first starts the service and then iTunes. If you use an iPhone on a regular basis I don't think it's a big deal to have the mobile service running at all times or even install the full bloated version of iTunes. I started with QT Lite, iTunes Lite and the mobile services install, but I wish I just installed the full version instead and just disabled a couple of services or set them to Manual.
  5. One more suggestion: rather than deleting the plugins completely, move them to the Optional folder (peer with plug_ins). Yes, the installer will be bigger, but at least the plugins are there for users that need some of them, they can just be moved back into plug_ins, as needed. Or release an Optional.7z file with just the extra plugins. It's a pain to install the full v9 somewhere else just to copy 1-2 plugins that a user may need.
  6. This has previously been brought to my attention. the plugin AcroForm.api does not control this. I have not had time to look into it. pending . . . It sure does. I copied AcroForm.api from a full install of v9 to the lite install folder and fillable forms now work.
  7. Filling out forms doesn't work with this Lite version. It's missing AcroForm.api from C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\plug_ins Could you please release a version that includes AcroForm.api otherwise we cannot work with fillable PDFs. thanks for the excellent work! Update: you can try it on this test pdf file: http://www.thewebjockeys.com/TheWebJockeys...Jockeys_vC5.pdf
  8. I've successfully created a Recode 2 add-on for and, but there's an issue with Recode 3 I didn't even know there was a Recode 3 available. How does the old DVDShrink compare to Recode 2 and Recode 3? Is it worth investing in a license for Recode 3 or the free DVDShrink is good enough?
  9. If I have Micro installed, is there a way to just add to it Nero Recode 2 without installing the entire bloatware? If yes, where can I find just Recode for download and how do I install/add it? thanks

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