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  1. Netgear Drivers?

    No problems here with the network card (same as yours), Longhorn didnt detect the card by default but i just told it to look in my XP Pro windows\inf directory (Kept XP just in case) and it installed fine and works great, my xp pro just had the normal drivers that come with xp pro sp2 so nothing special there, i suggest you try the same thing.
  2. I had the same problem with my install and I removed everything in the [GUIRunOnce] section and it fixed it. Have you tried removing "%systemdrive%\install\hotfixes\hotfixes.cmd" and testing the install. Just an idea, Have fun though.
  3. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    This program is looking great and is an essential to my unattend cd now. But i too would love to see the features above implemeted, without the need to click next with an empty ini, I know im being annoying but it is those small things that really finish it off. Thanks for a great program and keep up the good work.
  4. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Much appreciated. I dont think it crashed because it gets to the last screen where i am required to click finish and if ticked will reboot my system. Who knows. But i do like the prog and it is much better then having a Batch file called to enter peoples login details. Keep up the good work. Warren
  5. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    That seems to be the issue, doesnt seem to impliment my password but always leave it as the default password. Could it be because of an incorrect installation of one of the programs in the next part of the program maybe. But 12345 does seem to be the password each time no matter what i do, i have tried it 3 times with different passwords just incase it was a freaky occurance. All the autologon info is correct, but yeah it just gives me the incorrect password error when logging in. Will stick with it and see what the go is. Thanks for the help.
  6. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Hey there Benjamin Im having a small issue where it isnt letting me log on after it has finished the install. It adds the Autologon info alright in the registry but when it goes to autologon it says that the password is incorrect. I know that the autologon info is entered correctly because i used ERD commander to access my system, im assuming your using something along the lines of the built in "net user "%name%" %password% /add" system, so i have no idea, any help would be appreciated.
  7. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Hey there. Thanks for your effort very much appreciated.
  8. Vmware or Virtual PC

    Definetly Vmware, Find it to be a lot quicker when it comes to harddrive activity.