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  1. Yes, it looks like the beast is dead now, as it's lightning fast, thanks! I had also seen the UAC issue this last week, but I hadn't realized yet that it was related to SIB even though I'd never seen it happen before then. It's working now too.
  2. It's 24 hours after installing 1.5, which is when at least one explorer.exe was restarted. I'm assuming it's the one with the much higher PID: explorer.exe PID=1080, I/O Reads 865, I/O Writes 17, I/O Read Bytes 3,748,426, I/O Write Bytes 424,321 explorer.exe PID=7016, I/O Reads 11,988, I/O Writes 509, I/O Read Bytes 12,415,398, I/O Write Bytes 2,087,649.
  3. I installed 1.5 last night. Machine was on overnight. This morning, first click of Start saw the same delay. It's a fast system: 8GB RAM, Core i5-2500, SSD. And this never used to happen at all. I guess what I'll have to do is wait several hours and then have Process Monitor running when clicking Start.
  4. Has anyone seen a pause/delay when clicking the SIB+ 1.05 button for the first time in a session, or the first time in a while (sorry I can't be more precise)? I am, and I don't recall seeing it before a few weeks ago (I've been on 8.1 for a few months). It's almost as if it's thinking about something for 7 or 8 seconds. It's then instantaneous on subsequent presses, but some hours later it'll go back to first-press slowness again.
  5. As a "best practice," is it advisable to uninstall SIB+ before (and reinstall after) big updates, such as the massive (230MB) "General Availability Update Rollup" update for 8.1? Or is there no way that SIB+ could cause problems for such things? I guess using the "disable" feature is an option, though I haven't tested yet to see if that stays disabled after reboot.
  6. When crashes happen? If it's outside of using menu and launching apps, it's hardly StartIsBack fault. You can try test version as well. It's only happened when using the Start menu, or using the right-click menu in the lower left, or using a quicklaunch menu I have. It could be a coincidence, but the incidents have increased greatly since 2.1.
  7. I've had 6 Explorer crashes in ntdll.dll since 2.1, and 1 before. I know Explorer crashes were a topic last year, but I wasn't using it then so can't compare with then. Also, while I'm not sure StartisBack is the reason, it's my top suspect. Will the beta help? I can also just uninstall to see how that goes.
  8. I just re-confirmed it with 2.0.2. Did you use Outlook 2013 (I can't confirm for any earlier version)? If so, what kind of mail account did you use to test with? I'm testing with POP3, and it's a total wipeout with your start screen uncluttering feature enabled: no toast, no notification sound. The mail just magically appears. At least you see the new mail symbol in Outlook's taskbar icon, otherwise it would be impossible to know if mail came in.
  9. Thanks for the update, particularly adding bottom-left configurability in the UI (those who haven't been using the right-click menu down there don't know what they're missing). I haven't revisited SIB since reporting this issue. Would you happen to know if enabling that feature can still cause application issues?
  10. I tried out 1.3 today but found that when I enabled "Rename Start Screen to Apps..." that new mail notifications for Outlook 2013 ("toast" that pops up on the upper-right portion of the screen), along with the accompanying notification sound, stopped happening. Rebooting doesn't help. Disabling the Start Screen feature allowed Outlook's notifications to work again. Outlook was always set to "On" in the Notifications center. I didn't notice issues with system notifications, such as what you see when plugging in a removable drive. This was a little surprising, since I don't see why all notifications wouldn't be affected if (at least) one is.
  11. L3CODECX.AX_ in the new ISO has today's date, so it was one of the ones created today. Once extracted, it does show on the Version tab. Yes, WindowsXP-KB2115168-x86-ENU.exe is among the many files listed in [Hotfixes]. Looking inside that file, I see that the key files are dated June 15, 2010, which is the date of the .52 file once installed (I later updated via WU and got .52), but somehow the .51 file is the one that ended up in the nLite output dir and made it into the .ISO and so was the one ultimately installed.
  12. Thanks, it worked fine (with the IE8 update) on W7 SP1 x86. In case it's of any interest: in the midst of the batch, W7 put up a UAC prompt, but I believe that was the only interaction required. Also, post install, KB2115168 was listed as a High Priority update. I do see WindowsXP-KB2115168-x86-ENU.exe in my updates dir on W7, and it was included in nLite like all the others, so I'm not sure why WU thinks it's not installed, but it's not a big deal. I see here that it updates l3codecx.ax to, but the one in System32 is (not the original since it has a new date). http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2115168
  13. Thanks. I can't quite make out from the .bat what its function is (something to do with add-ons). Is it building a new .cab? If so, maybe Makecab would work.
  14. Variation on the question: Is it possible to do the XP post-SP3 slipstream when using Win7 (and not even x64)? I ask because no matter what I do, cabtool.exe (found here: http://xdot.tk/updates.html) flames out with "Can't initialize cabinet module." I've searched old (very old) threads on this and have ensured that the couple support files mentioned are in System32. I've also added a couple Registry entries that at the time were said to be necessary. I even tried putting the .EXE in XP compatibility mode. Nope, nope, and nope.
  15. Great. BTW, is it OK to simply install this Lite version on top of the last one (or any recent older Lite version for that matter) or is that not a good practice?
  16. Two questions: 1) I believe way back I saw some comments about WaveEditor crashing, though I can't be sure now. Is that a problem with this release or Nero itself? I notice the problem on Vista. 2) Anyone seeing copious Event 51's ("An error was detected on device \Device\CdRom0 during a paging operation.") when inserting (or accessing later with Explorer) blank media (ain't no paging going on with blank media, and it doesn't happen with written media)? I don't know if this is necessarily related to Nero or this release in particular, since I installed this not long after Vista.
  17. That is the version I'm using. I suspect I'm just not doing whatever's necessary to trigger it, or my serial passes muster for whatever reason.
  18. Is this with your own serial? I can't seem to replicate the problem, though I've just used the core Burning Rom program mainly.
  19. What form do the files take when you inject a QFE fix into an image? I'm looking for a way to get at the actual content of some fixes. Is this possible? Inside a typical msu are cabs, but inside those are not directly usable files like in the old days (updated drivers or whatever), and once in a while I'd like to examine a file without installing it first. Is there a way to do this (preferably without downloading the whole 1GB package), essentially transforming what's in the cabs into actual files? Package Manager itself doesn't appear to be enough.
  20. OK, I didn't run in silent mode. Could it be as simple as that? I finally looked up what the VC++ 2005 runtime is, since I thought that kind of thing had been subsumed into .Net long ago: "...required to run applications developed with Visual C++ on a computer that does not have Visual C++ 2005 installed." Now, several things surprise me about this: 1) It's not new and it's tiny, so how could this not be built-in to Vista? 2) How could it not be part of the much larger .Net runtimes? 3) And most oddly, how is it possible that this is the first program I've installed written in VC++? That one's baffling. Isn't that among the most common languages in existence on Windows?
  21. See my last post, but I didn't have the problem. Do you use UAC? If so, did you install by using "Run as Administrator"?
  22. I just installed Lite in Vista Ultimate, and for whatever reason didn't get the DLL registration issue, so apparently the problem is variable. I do have all the latest updates installed (though notably NOT the SP1 beta), so perhaps that helped. I also did a "Run as Administrator" during the install (I have UAC enabled). BTW, I'm curious what the message during installation about updating Visual C++ 2005 runtime (or something similar to that) is about. Anyone know? If it's .NET, I already had all versions of that installed.
  23. So is this Vista problem ubiquitous or rare? Is there a solution for it yet or an indication of which DLLs aren't registering and why? Are you running the installer with "Run as administrator" if using UAC?

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