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  1. me too...win98 revolutions pack
  2. Hold on...............I used Madonote to change the toolbar skin. That is a tweakUI kinda tool, only better. Here->http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~vr4m-ikw/Global/ Also these were my Window values in Display Properties>Appearance - Active Titlebar : 20 Menu : 18 3D Objects : Red-240, Green-240, Blue-240 Before you do that you need to save the original skin with a different name, in case u decide to restore. So save Aero with a new name , in my case it was Aero one. Now for the original Aero, which had those colors etc changed you need to save it again as Aero, just clicking apply wont help. And if you decide to revert, delete Aero and rename "Aero one" back as "Aero" . P.S: The above is done explicitly within Display properties>appearance. No real files should be deleted.
  3. Hi there, Themers, I was wondering, Why dont you supply a toolbar wallpaper to actually complete the transformation of explorer. Maybe that it sounds stupid, but perhaps my screenshot below may make u think otherwise.The lameskin is Tihiy's ( Aero ). But the toolbar skin is mine. Hehe.. and it takes a measly 556 bytes in size and I have attached it too. Here is my screenshot with that toolbar skin ( I also rearranged my toolbars for a better effect ) And the skin: vista_toolbar_2ex.bmp
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