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  1. Your Post #1 still reads as I described in my Post #2. I did remove all cookies & files via Tools > Temporary Internet Files. I can read your post #11 w/o any scrolling ..... the same for all posts after your Post #11. Thanks for your followup and helpful cooperation. -- willperk
  2. @ Sfor and jaclaz ..... thank you both for your replies. I find it strange the malfunction occurs only on certain posts ..... - For the 1st 3 pgs. of the "Latest SFTWR Version", all 60 Posts are readable w/o scrolling. - On the 1st Page only of the "Last MB - - - - " thread, Post(s) 2,10 & 11 do NOT fit, and require horiz. scrolling. I guess if I could interpret the "source" code, I might be able to distinguish some commonality there. I am trying - for the 1st time - Accessibility Options for visual enhancement of fonts and mouse arrows. Perhaps this has something to do with this abnormality. Sfor - does your confirm mean you get the same display on 98SE + IE6 ? If I pursue this problem any further, I'll just start a new topic on this forum. I had read some previous posts a few days ago re the Sys-Internals subject, and was interested in following it up. I don't post much, but am a longtime visitor ...... thanks to both of you for helping to keep 98SE alive and functioning. -- willperk
  3. Would someone tell me why the above post runs off the screen .... I have to scroll back and forth horizontally to read the post. Is this a problem with settings on my computer? I'm running 98se + IE6 (recent new install + AP). I can read most other threads w/o having to scroll. Help/advise appreciated. -- willperk
  4. Here is the "Readme" file from my 'C > Program Files > Creative > CTSND' folder ..... Perhaps it might be of some help ....... -- willperk Sound Blaster 16 Readme File ============================ This file contains additional information to supplement the manual. Please read all the sections before you proceed with the installation. This file contains the following sections: 1. Installation 2. Uninstallation 3. DOS Environment settings 4. DOS Audio Driver Support under Windows 95 DOS Box 5. Using CREATIVE IDE CD-ROM drive in MS-DOS Mode 6. BLASTER settings under MS-DOS Mode 7. Full-Duplex Constraints 8. Online Documentation 9. Acknowledgments 1. INSTALLATION The full installation option requires about 6 MBytes of hard disk space for the program files and an additional 2 MBytes for working space. You might need more if your drive is in compressed form. 2. UNINSTALLATION Before uninstalling the software package, ensure that all Sound Blaster 16 applications are closed. Any Sound Blaster 16 application that is running while uninstallation is in progress will not be deleted Also, files that are added to the Sound Blaster 16 directory after the initial software installation will not be deleted by the uninstallation process. You will have to manually delete these files after the uninstallation process is completed. Some of the files in the Windows directory can be shared by other applications. The uninstallation will prompt you when it tries to delete these files. You should choose not to delete the files unless you are very sure that the files are no longer used by Windows. 3. DOS ENVIRONMENT SETTINGS Some of the existing DOS programs require the presence of MIDI and SOUND environments in order for them to work. The Setup program will add the SET MIDI and SET SOUND environment lines at the beginning of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. 4. DOS AUDIO DRIVER SUPPORT UNDER WINDOWS 95 DOS BOX Some of the DOS applications are developed with Creative's Sound Blaster Developer Kit. These applications require the low-level DOS audio device drivers to be loaded. To load the DOS audio drivers, you need to add the following lines to the CONFIG.SYS file: DEVICE=<C:\dir>\DRV\CTSB16.SYS /UNIT=0 /BLASTER=A:220 I:5 D:1 H:5 /WIN95 DEVICE=<C:\dir>\DRV\CTMMSYS.SYS Remarks: a. <C:\dir> is the sound directory where the audio software is located. b. The /BLASTER parameter specifies the Sound Blaster base I/O port address (A), interrupt request line (I), low 8-bit DMA channel (D) and high 16-bit DMA channel (H). c. The settings in the /BLASTER parameter must tally with the actual settings allocated by Windows 95. To find out the actual settings, go into Windows 95 DOS box, and type SET and press <Enter> at the DOS prompt. You will see one of the lines displayed is: BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6 The values after the A, I, D and H are the actual settings to be used for the /BLASTER parameter. To help you set up the DOS audio drivers, we have prepared a text file CONFIG.TXT in the sound directory. This text file contains the above lines to specify the DOS audio drivers. The sound directory in the text file had been updated by the installation program. You just need to update the /BLASTER parameter and copy the lines into the CONFIG.SYS file. 5. USING CREATIVE IDE CD-ROM DRIVE UNDER MS-DOS MODE When you open an MS-DOS Mode session, the system will close all other active Windows-based or DOS-based programs. You can return to Windows 95 by typing exit. There are two ways that you can do to open an MS-DOS Mode session: - Shutdown the system and choose the "Restart the computer in MS-DOS Mode" option. or - Change your MS-DOS session properties by checking the MS-DOS mode box under the Advanced Program Settings. You can specify whether you want to use the current MS-DOS configuration, or specify a new MS-DOS configuration. If you connect Creative IDE CD-ROM drive to the IDE interface that comes with your card, you need to do the following steps to make your CD-ROM drive work under MS-DOS Mode: 5.1 Shutdown and restart the computer in MS-DOS Mode You need to add the following lines inside the DOSSTART.BAT : <C:\dir>\CTLOAD <C:\dir>\DRV\SBIDE.SYS /D:MSCD001 /V /P:1E8,11,3EE <C:\win95dir>\COMMAND\MSCDEX /D:MSCD001 /V /M:8 NOTES: a. DOSSTART.BAT is a batch file in the Windows directory. It is executed each time you restart in MS-DOS Mode. b. <C:\dir> is the sound directory where the audio software is located. c. <C:\win95dir> is the Windows 95 directory. To help you set up the DOS audio drivers, we have prepared a text file DOSSTART.TXT in the sound directory. This text file contains the above lines to specify the DOS CD-ROM drivers. The sound directory in the text file has been updated by the installation program. You don't need to change any of the parameters. 5.2 Changing MS-DOS session properties and selecting MS-DOS Mode with current configuration You need to do the same steps as above. 5.3 Changing MS-DOS session properties and selecting MS-DOS Mode with new configuration You need to add the following lines inside the new AUTOEXEC.BAT : <C:\win95dir>\CTCM <C:\dir>\CTLOAD <C:\dir>\DRV\SBIDE.SYS /D:MSCD001 /V /P:1E8,11,3EE <C:\win95dir>\COMMAND\MSCDEX /D:MSCD001 /V /M:8 NOTES: a. <C:\dir> is the sound directory where the audio software is located. b. <C:\win95dir> is the Windows 95 directory. c. Make sure that the settings in the /P parameter tally with the actual settings allocated by Windows 95. 6. BLASTER settings under MS-DOS Mode Whenever you change your Audio hardware configuration manually, the BLASTER environment under MS-DOS Mode will only be valid after you reboot the system once. However, if you proceed to MS-DOS Mode without rebooting, you need to run CTCM.EXE which is in your Windows directory. This program makes the BLASTER environment tally with the actual hardware settings. 7. FULL-DUPLEX CONSTRAINTS Your audio card supports full-duplex recording and playback. However, to make full use of this feature, please make sure you observe the following constraints: a. Start only one session of simultaneous playback and recording. b. Use the same sampling rate for both operations. c. Preferably play back and record audio files which are in uncompressed (that is, Pulse Code Modulation or PCM) wave format. d. Reduce the sampling rate for both operations if your audio playback and recording session is too slow. NOTE: The Full-Duplex and DirectSound capabilities are mutually exclusive. If you activate the full-duplex feature, the DirectSound capability cannot be enabled. And vice versa. 8. ONLINE DOCUMENTATION To help you get information on the applications in this package easily, we have compiled a set of online documentation which can be accessed from your audio card's program group. Just click the START button on your Windows 95 taskbar. Select "Programs", followed by "Sound Blaster 16" and then "User's Guide". 9. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS MS-DOS, Windows 3.x and Windows 95 are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. ********** E N D O F R E A D M E **********
  5. ================== Yeti - Do you have the Creative "Readne.txt" file that came with your application CD? There are a number of instructions of operations to perform in order to get sound and the CD working in DOS mode. If you don't have the 'Reademe' file, I can post it here ...... it might be of some help. I, too, have a Creative 16 (Vibra 16C) audio card, but I'm not a gamer and have never had any need to have sound in the dos mode. -- willperk
  6. System: freshly loaded win98se ..... 4.10.2222 A; IE 5.00.2614.3500; have not yet installed any email; have installed AVG .......... avg75free_516a1225; the Boot Scanner is a nuisance ..... needs easy way to disable. I am trying to print Auto-Patcher Module Contents - December 2007 from this webpage: http://soporific.dsleague.com/downloads/modules.html My printer is an Epson ESCP2 Action Printer 5000 and the paper is tractor feed type. For some reason, the printout skips every 2nd page ....... i.e., it prints on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc, page of paper. Never mind ...... the default settings of 'Page Setup' was the problem. Sorry for bother ...... -- willperk
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