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  1. Yes, sorry, I meant that ctcm.exe isn't present. I don't think plug and play managers work for sb16 pci, do they? I think creative's pnp manager is only for their isa cards. Correct me if I'm wrong. Dos recognizes it with this: sound blaster pci 128 initialization driver, ver 5.23 copyright bla bla bla fname: c:\dosdrv\sbpci.ini SB PCI @ Port df00, IRQ 3 output mode is analog initiliazation complete. And then there's imuse, a tool from lucasarts that comes with tie fighter and autodetects the kind of card you have. After using iconjunction's drivers, it recognizes it properly as a sounblaster 16, etc, it just doesn't actually play anything. Without his drivers, it wouldn't recognize anything at all, muchless display the above message. Thanks for the help, keep working on it!
  2. BenoitRen -- Thanks for your help. I've got the drivers, they just don't seem to be working properly. As far as getting it activated from dos, unfortunately ctcm.exe in the windows directory. It looks like one of my usb ports was hogging IRQ 5, though I've disabled it now, and as far as I know that shouldn't even be active in dos anyway. Oddly, I've discovered that the sound seems to work (though I'm not yet sure how well) when I select 'exit to ms dos', just not when I boot to dos natively (which is what I need it to do). willperk, thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately, both the readme file and the pdf file that came on the driver cd had no instructions at all on how to get the card working in dos. My best progress so far has been using the sound blaster 16 pci drivers for dos in sbpci.zip linked by idisjunction here: http://www.msfn.org/board/ipb_seo.php?url=...les%2FSBPCI.zip The card recognizes and activates in natively booted dos, though it seems to claim an irq of 3 (oddly). When detection tools are run, they detect it running at irq 5, but no sound actually comes out of the speakers. All help is appreciated.
  3. I've been running DOS upon initial boot, without windows, from the beginning. Any idea why it says that the card can't run at irq 5, yet supplies an autoexec.bat with i5 as the given variable? Hit me up.
  4. Ok, I've installed the driver, and now (thank god) the card is recognized in dos. I'm using a sound utility that comes with TIE Fighter to test the sound. When I tell it to detect sound, it detects the SB16, detects port 220, irq 5, and dma 1, but when it tries to play sound, it goes through the motions, but nothing comes out of the speakers. Before, it wouldn't detect anything at all, so we're definitely making progress. When I tell windows to detect the sound card, it goes to irq 7. I don't know why windows is picking 7 and dos is picking 5, but I'm assuming dos is running off of the SET BLASTER= I5 variable and windows is going off of something else entirely. So now the card is recognizing, everything is running smoothly, the only thing left is... actually making the speakers do something? Thanks for the help so far! Also: Important to note, the readme file for the drivers says that your sound blaster pci card cannot use irq 5. At the same time, it gives you a new autoexec.bat file with the irq set to 5. Odd? Hit me back.
  5. Looking into it... Thanks again for all your excellent help. Watch this spot. -Yeti
  6. I said that it was a pci card in my first post. I just finished looking through every setting in the bios, nothing about IRQ reservation. I've seen bits and pieces of info around the net about needing to enable dos drivers. Perhaps that's misinformation. Still trying to get this thing to put sound out of the speakers... Btw, thanks for your help, idisjunction, I appreciate it.
  7. Port is 220, IRQ is 7, DMA is 1. The code I'm currently using is SET BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 H7 P330 T6, though I've tried it without the H7 and P330 as well. Just going off sample autoexec.bat codes. I can't find anything really informative that tells me what it SHOULD be, just a lot of examples. And I still need to tell it where to find the dos drivers. Help? Also: How do I configure the BIOS so that the interrupt is 5 rather than 7? I took a quick look through, but I didn't see a place to change that.
  8. Hey all, my first post here. Down to business. I've installed my ct4740 pci sound blaster 16 in my windows 98 machine, installed the drivers, and it works perfectly under the 98 interface. However, I'll be playing a bunch of games in dos, and I need to figure out how to get sound working. I suspect I need to load dos drivers for the soundcard, since thusfar, no sound at all is coming out of the speakers in dos. I've played around with autoexec.bat extensively, but I can't seem to find any resources or people that are intimate with its workings. Nothing I've tried so far has gotten any sound to come out at all. I've tried many set blaster= settings. I need a page that covers autoexec.bat *thoroughly*, and I need to figure out how to edit autoexec.bat and config.sys properly to get sound playing. "http://www.computerhope.com/ac.htm" is not a thorough resource, and leaves a lot of commands and parameters out. Upon further inspection, it would appear that my cd drive isn't loading in dos either. I suspect config.sys and autoexec.bat are completely screwed. All help is greatly appreciated. -Yeti
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