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  1. Aniway...here is the 80% of my Rsidebar work..... Sidebar better with list Mp3 ,search ,good Aloha what your language OS ?
  2. Renovatio v0.2 theme Vista or will has changes serious?
  3. Xstyle, I was talking about post #10 by Libanoro. Sorry for not quoting to make it clear.Libanoro, if the Renovatio and RP7 can both run fine on your computer, I think I'll give it a try. But if they have any conflicts on my computer (I hope they won't), can you suggest a name for me to curse? I'd better find some information about the Renovatio before installing it. Goodbye all. good , I install Renovatio in my OS language portuguese, but for install Renovatio I need SP2+RP7+SP3BETA,then install Renovatio but pack still BETA you knows if install or no
  4. Aloha: My resolution is 640x480 because my video only use this resolution, this pack is of Xstyle and your theme pack renovatio , I install first RP7 and too renovatio ,but theme aereo I did for resolution 640x480 Xstyle: I dont knows but the sidebar when no have pictures in your folder happens error + error + error.....
  5. forget ,ah I install your pack Renovatio in language portuguese but is necessary install SP2+RP7+SP3 beta .
  6. I like your RSidebar but you could put search too, the effect Transparent post for download too.
  7. HI Xstyle I've install o Pack of you it is good ,but only for language US ,because in language portuguese the OS has great Bugs , now I wait Sidebar , but the projetic this good congratulation.
  8. I Finished download now still today install
  9. ok I will wait, your pack have some theme of MAC or only in XP and Vista, I am working in a theme of mac Tiger silver post when finish
  10. Topic for post link download of skin type lameskin. Tópico feito para você postar link de skin para download .
  11. Topic about win 98/w2k

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