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  1. re-insert Aero ?

    You could just pop the CD in or mount ISO and install full Vista at this point. You wouldnt lose anything but you would have 3GB of Vista bloat.
  2. Windows Media Problem

    I installed WMLite and it didnt work, it seemed to just install codecs I already had anyways but its alright. I would like to know why this NKSU Media Restore Pack will not install. Looks like everything would be fine if that would just install but I guess it all goes back to my install having no WMP integration or codecs.1 Thanks for the help though guys. 1 Found out that N SKU Media Restore Pack is for the "Vista N" versions (Academic or Euro versions I guess) that do not come with WMP at all, and this was Microsoft's fix for that. I'm guessing this wont install because it sees that I have Vista Ultimate wich would not need the restore pack, but it is also seeing that I don't have any kind of Windows Media Player software installed, so I get the option to download this fix. Now I'm debating on remaking a Vista CD with WMP/codecs just because I'm semi-perfectionist and I would like for my OS to be in prime running condition. (Plus vLite is just fun to use ;] ) EDIT: Ripped my Vista ultimate to ISO (on a friends PC who actually has a DVD drive) transfered ISO to my PC, mounted ISO, clicked "Upgrade" and it installed all 3GB of its bloatness :] Atleast I have WMP now though without reformat. Hope this will be of some help to people.
  3. Windows Media Problem

    Hmmm alright, I guess I will just deal with it. I don't really care to have WMP but I cant view WMV files through websites wich is kind of a pain. Iv downloaded all needed codecs also, looks like fresh install with WMP/codecs would be final option. Also I would like to say vLite is an amazing application and has been a HUGE help to me.
  4. Windows Media Problem

    It does, but I removed it to lower size of Vista install thinking I could just download it once I got OS installed. The Windows Media Center is like 500MB
  5. Windows Media Problem

    I got a Vista Ultimate install down to 680ish MB to fit on a CD-R but to do this I had to scrap the Media Center. I figured once the OS was installed I could just download WMP11 and all would be well. Well to install it I have to get this "NSKU Media Restore Pack for Vista" this is no big deal to me except windows update fails every time it tries to install this update with "Error 80092004". Everything else updated/installed fine until I had to get this as a pre-requisite for WMP11. Any work around/fix for this?