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  1. Has anyone solved this problem yet? For me it was an issue with the Hauppauge card PVR-150 which doesnt support an x64 Vista or 2008 server installation with 4GB ram. You email Hauppauge, send a screenshot that prooves you have a Vista X64 with 4GB ram (not the 2008 server, they will not help you then). After that you can ask to have your PVR_150 replaced for another card. I've got a 1700 for an extra 40€.
  2. About the registry keys, maybe interesting to know: before importing them, I took a full backup of my registry. After importing the keys (and seeing everything worked fine), I reimported the backup. It said it couldnt import everything because some keys were in use. My pvr-150 was still working fine. Basically, I think this way maybe one can filter out the unnessary keys, because the good ones are in use. Thx Wima for getting this to work!
  3. Couldnt say exactly which registry key from Wima did it, but the I've got the Hauppauge PVR150 working on Windows 2008 x64 with GBPVR. Quality isnt too great, and switching channels is slow, but that might be GBVR. thx for the keys Wima! Will be trying Mediaportal somewhere in the future, if I run into the Teletext issue, I'l report back here.
  4. Wima, great news you got it working. As I dont have a x64 Vista-box available for now, I would definitely love to try out your registry-keys. btw, did it resolve the issue of missing filters? Concerning the teletext issue, I might be wrong here, but I dont think all versions of the PVR150 support teletext (OEM, MCE,...)
  5. I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time to spare the next couple of days. I hope to be looking deeper into this after the weekend. For now, I did find this link that explains clearly how these elements cooperate. Might be helpful: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms783782(VS.85).aspx From what I was able to make out of it (and as you mentioned above), the "WDM Streaming Crossbar" relies on the ksxbar.ax file, and the "WDM Streaming TV Tuner" needs KSTVTune.ax. For the audio I dont really know. The 2 files mentioned should be on the Windows 2008 as they are included in the batch-file. I guess it might be a registry issue like Xordos mentioned in one of the above posts. In the meantime, could you post a screenshot of the graphedit in Vista? thx
  6. Hey Wima, unfortunately not. According to Shahed it is possible, and after rereadiing the threads, I found some people who got it working aswel (I think Mister X on the Hauppauge forum", but it never got documented how, as everyone was looking for a DVB solution, not analogue. So it seems it is up to us to find a solution
  7. ANALOGUE is possible on server, as it uses the same kernel (core) as vista. Its just some files and registry entries are missing, that needs to be present in server installation for it to work properly. Maybe you can try importing some registry keys and files from vista to server to see if you can get it to work. I am not on server anymore, so wont be working on this anymore Thanks OK, thanks Shahed for all the input and great work! I'll check the forums again for how exactly you went about getting it all together for digital, and see if I can get somewhere with analogue. If I do, I'll post back here. If there is someone else here trying to get analogue cards to work on 2008, let me know. Maybe we can get further together.
  8. "First thing is, ANALOGUE DOES NOT WORK ON SERVER 2008 (my batch setup has no analogue files)" Just out of curiousity, do you think it is theoretically possible to make analogue work on 2008 using the same comparison process used for creating the batch file for digital? I'd hate to have to go back to 2003 server
  9. First thing is, ANALOGUE DOES NOT WORK ON SERVER 2008 (my batch setup has no analogue files) Secondly You must run the batch file as administrator to avoid access denied error. And lastly, not all tv applications work under server. Dvbviewer works great! Sorry as i can not help you much on this one, as am back to using vista. My server trial period has expired, and i was only running server all this time for experimental use! ****, not very good news. Does this mean that analogue is impossible to run on 2008, or just your batch file doesnt support it? Concerning the access denied thing, I did actually ran de batch file as admin. Because I read in your other posts that not all tv applications run in 2008, I tried the 3 different ones. To no avail, clearly. Anyway, thx for the info. I already lost tons of time with this, so I'm glad I dont have the waste anymore on something that wouldnt work anyway. Unless ofcourse it is possible to run analogue on 2008, only not with your batch file. If it doesnt, it will be 2003 or Vista, probably x86 (any suggestiosn there?).
  10. Hi, I've been trying to get this working, but seem to be doing something wrong. I've read through this forum, the one of GBPVR and Hauppauge, and still am stuck. This is where I got. I've got a GA-MA78GM-S2H mobo with onboard ATI 3200HD GPU, AMD 4850e CPU, and most importantly, a Hauppauge PVR150 (2600 series) with remote as my analogue capture card. It is connected to our analogue TV-distribution cable. I did a clean install of Windows 2008 Standard x64 English, added the desktop experience feature and installed the k-lite normal codec pack. Then I ran the script on a 64-bit Vista in vmware (and checked the source folder - all seemed to be there). Copied the whole thing to the Windows 2008, and ran the script. Everything seemed to be running ok, except for an "access denied" error when moving the files. After the automatic reboot, I found the "kswdmcap.ax.mui" in the System32 and the SysWOW64 subfolders of the source folder. When trying the "move"-lines from the batch file manually for these two file, I get the same access denied error. I then installed all the remaining drivers, installed the Wintv application, GBPVR and DVB dream (as suggested on this forum), but none seem to work. Errors are: GBPVR Tuning assistant (set to Hauppauge PVR 150, Belgium, Cable): "Failed to find Crossbar filter. Wrong Device Type?" Wintv 6: "Cannot access TV Tuner, please check the unit is connected and the drivers are correctly installed." DVBdream: "Cannot initialize DVB hardware! ErrorCode:1 Application will work in offline mode" I did manage to use the PVR-150 on linux, but due to driver troubles (ATI stll not performing wel with myhtv), switched to Windows 2008, so the card seems to be OK. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm running out of ideas and options. If I need to upload any logfiles, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your support! Ekjaker