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  1. I am using (commercial) system commander. I think unlike bootmanagers, system commander can change bootfiles within same partition. Running 3 win98 se partitions, + on 1st partition also dos 6.22 & 5.0 (multiple configurations. It was very useful at old times when had a multiple config.sys/autoexec.bat + diffeent dos version for gaming. and never gave up since, lot easier to keeps of dad's partition by having kid's their own win98se install. As usual, system commander can also change partition parameter to "hide" partition type.
  2. Still running 3 sets of 98Se in my system. 1 kids, 1 for wife, 1 for me. All in they own primary partition (system commander). Looks like i can add the other 1g ram and use bigger disks also, so i can still keep my w2k licences + xp pro in self collecting dust.
  3. w98Se 1g mem, running Panda antivirus&firewall. (yeah, firewall in case i install w2k or XP in same machine, they licence allows use on same machine).
  4. I run 98Se on athlon3200, 1g mem. I shall upgrade when i run to game title i really want and that runs on modern os only. So far i am happy with this and let the other 1g ram sit in box. But if i upgrade HW, it makes no longer sense to run98 since i wouldnt be able to take advantage of having multicore cpu/PCI-E and over 1g mem. - And i still need 98 even in my work, formating pcmcia-card to our system won't work in w2k/xp. They do format, but not properly for the legacy systems we support (ms article 296117). - And i use 98 also to remove extended atributes from files at copy operations (EA_DATA.SF), The systems we support do not like recycle.bin or ea_data. sf -file. ( i must be dump not to be able ot get attributes cleared otherwise, but 98/usb disk works as workaraound to clear em)
  5. - Either an Athlon XP 1.4GHz, or Pentium 4 1.7GHz : Intel preferable if you do process mediafiles, video/mp3. - Either two 128MB DDR PC2100, or one 512MB PC2700 : up to 1g all ok, just remember to add the systen ini: [vcache]/MaxFileCache= setting if yuo have at lest 512 mem, you find info about that in this forum. - Either an AGP Geforce 2 MX200, or PCI Geforce MX4000 : for games/video, go for agp. With those cpu's, graphics card is the major bottleneck, you could run even gf6600. - Either an IDE 80GB WD, or an IDE 13GB Seagate : the more, the better? i saw someone did break 120G barrier somewhere in this forum too. And ms fdisk needs to be updated if you use that for partitioning disk over 64Gb, see ms Q263044.
  6. go for 98SE. It has best flexibility for dos-stuff and it supports most of hardware, beginning from 98Se you can also use flash storage devices (they need drivers while ME usually dont). About hardware support in w98SE: My system still runs 98SE in amd athlon xp3200, 1g mem, agp GF6800GT,SB live, 5*120Gt ata disk, dvd,some external usb HDs /camera,and NIC to 8mb adls.
  7. - Duke and heretic , they should run fine. - Unreal tournament/quake3 , well, Minumum is p233, 4MB 3D-card. 1. You are right,. no services, no risk. 2. Put rather win98 than ME, you need to boot plain dos for these games. - Get soundblaster sound card, swap graphics card to TNT2+voodoo(2) or voodoo3. I did play up to P3 650mhz/TNT2 in pure dos, then i installed win98Se and voodoo2. THis is becouse up to that most games i played didnät like windows at all using tdos4gw extenders etc proprietary memory management systems.
  8. I did find nt most problematic on HW support, if u did swap card locations , NT couldn't handle IRQs no longer and i ended up reinstall system (no irq sharing). W2k was much better.
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