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  1. This computer is my best friend. I got this computer as a Christmas present in the 1999. If it need a new part, I will buy replacement part to fix it up. During the 2007, I brought two 128 ram to upgrade the ram in my computer.
  2. I didn't know that WINE could do that. Is there a program in window that can set it to report the windows version that I want it to report? I have tried editing the registry under 'Windows', which would only change the 'Registered To' in the system properties, but it would not change the 'System'. In the registery, 'Window NT' have nothing under it current version except one data, which is 'default' and 'value not set'. My computer is a compaq.
  3. I have download the KernelEx 0.32a days ago. Even with that, I couldn't get past the system version checker. Shockwave.com check the window version first when it open up. If it didn't check the window version, it would install. linux have a win4lin that allow linux user to run windows xp programs. That gave me the idea that if someone develop a program for those of us with older version so that we can run windows xp programs, that include letting the program think we are using windows xp since we would be using the program in windows xp necessary to play the program. Is it possible to buy a hardware that already have windows xp on it, and then open up my windows 98 to connect the ribbon so that the windows 98 could me the main program. And then something in the menu allow the windows 98 to switch back and forth with the windows xp anytime I want to play games download.
  4. Have you try reformatting your computer? Also back up your data if you choose to reformat. Yes, I take my own advices. I have reformat my computer every few months.
  5. This game Nanny Mania require windows 98 but when I try to install it, the pop up require windows 2000 or newer. If I install linux on my windows 98se, would I be able to play play a windows 2000 game on windows 98se? How do I use the Orca to be able to play a windows 2000 game on windows 98se? I don't think there is very much difference between windows 98se and windows 2000 that would prevent windows 2000 games from playing on windows 98se if I install it.
  6. If there a reason why Microsoft prevent the Ultimate Steal Office 2007 from installing on Windows 98 SE other than the fact that they don't support it? Why go through all the hard work and extra code to prevent Office 2007 from installing on Windows 98 SE? I mean they don't have to support the version and if I install it on windows 98 SE, it should be at my own risk. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work on Windows 98 SE. What would happen if I install the office 2007 on Windows 98 SE? I am using Office XP on my windows 98 SE and it work very well. I just brought the Ultimate steal because it was available to student for $60. I hope that $60 was not a waste....
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