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  1. Can never get iso booting to work with winpe1 sources. After the boot screen, i get bsod 7B error. Tried firadisk, winvblock, ntdetect.com, etc.
  2. Jaclaz, how about adding multiple WinPE\WinBuilder\UB4Win sources? The problem is i have multile WinPEv1 sources that i want to multiboot. Not Winxp\2000\2003.
  3. lol sorry, ive just been messing with this stuff for 3 days until i finally got it working, a little irrated and lazy atm
  4. So it only works with the stable versions then? not the Betas?
  5. Is there any documentation on how to add multiple WinPE\XP installations? As i read in the first post you can do alot of them. I have 3 different winxp\pe sources i want to use and one win7pe source. Using the gui app i see theres only one input box for a xp installation path. How do i add mutiples? I use grub for my boot manager currently to successfully call one of my PE installations and the win7pe one as well
  6. Weird Network Problem!

    doesnt matter eyeball, couldnt make any connection to it from the outside without setting up the wan side too.
  7. Weird Network Problem!

    the IOGear BOSS
  8. Weird Network Problem!

    Not trying to do anything next, what erks is WHY.
  9. Ok so heres my network layout. http://i19.tinypic.com/869pk76.jpg The goal is gettin the NAS device to work from the LAN but also from the WAN. The NAS has a built in ftp server. So thats the goal to get working from LAN and WAN. Now, the ftp works connecting via But when trying from the outside world it doesnt work. Even when forwarding port 21 to from the main router( The only way ive gotten it to work, which i find this weird. Is when i plug a second cat5 cable into the WAN port of hte NAS and then configure that to have a static IP of, and forward to that ip.
  10. RIS? WDS?

    Hey, i know how to deploy images via ghost and acronis snap deploy. I would like to now learn how to do it via 2003 server using RIS or is it called WDS now a days? Any great tutorial links would be appreciated.
  11. were basically doign the same exact thing, Today i was rather successful. My master image was a DELL 745. I included drivers for the Dell GX260 and pointed the registry DevicePath key to them. Happily when deploying that image to the Dell gx260, it picked up the drivers and installed them successfully. The annoying part is i did the same thing with a HP d220MT it installed all the drivers and everything, but after you login and it loads the desktop, the system just reboots. The only thing i can think of is Different hardware,,(even though Universal Restore/deploy SHOULD of taken care of that). So right now im stuck with just making a separate image of the HP.
  12. A few tweaks i cant figure out!

    Cant have any junk software on the pc's, being deployed in a corporate environment.
  13. A few tweaks i cant figure out!

    thanks and thanks, ill check them out
  14. Windows wont read from subfolders for drivers. the drivers have to be right in C:\Windows\INF\*.inf Also same goes for any other structure you tried doing like dellinf\.infs have to be here in the root. Cant be ANY subs unless you're also specifying them in the regsitry DevicePath key i think it is or the oem line in hte sysprep.inf. What youre trying about going down the line of systems is a good idea. You could also use Driver Genius, which extracts driver files from systems, then u acn run them all on the master image system then create your image, so theyre all in there. If youre not using a mass deployment application. How are you mass deploying all of your images out?
  15. Hey all, im, kind of in the same boat. I have 300 bare metal systems i have to deploy a system out to. Heres how im doing it and here are some problems and suggestions im hoping you can provide. We will be using Acronis Snap Deploy and TrueImage. Not all the systems are the same hardware. So far this is what we've done. We've setup a pc with how we want it. We then made a image of it. This is the master image. Now we did a test scenario using Snap Deploy. We deployed the image to a pc of the same hardware and different. For the different hardware we used the Universal Deploy and included the specific driver inf files from dells exe setups.(R9454.exe for example). The problem is when the images were deployed, the system with different hardware didnt have any of the device drivers installed that we told it to. What ive learnt from acronis is that the universal deploy isnt for pnp devices like vga,nic,sound, but only for devices with the HAL, mass storage usb, etc. So heres my idea. Im thinking of just dropping all the drivers files into the master images C:\Windows\INF folder? That way when the image is deployed and windows boots, windows should take care of those devices by finding the right drivers in the inf folder. will this work? The next issue is, im wondering if this is the best way to do this. Using this image is only needed once. For the mass network deploy. My boss also wants to have a image on a usb HD for further down the road problems. Like if a system needs re-imaged he just can boot trueimage and restore the image from the usbhd. Now the problem here is that image has to be different then this one time one we make for network deployment. Thats because via network deployment, snap deploy lets us change sid/pc name, etc. But true image does not. So what i figured is for this usb hd image we could just sysprep it to change sid, and also we would be able to input the pc name upon reboot. Hope this all makes sense and i can get some input.