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  1. so it is right like i have wrote??? because it asks me to set like default reader...
  2. Without any switch right??? because i think that i've used your version, intreted with application.bat...but it asks me if i want to set it like default ndo viewer..in the application.bat i've wrote: start /wait %systemdrive%\APPLICATION\Nfo Viewer\Nfo Viewer.exe
  3. it asks me that during application.bat....but when i click yes, installation can't go on...
  4. ok, it works! but it asks me if i want to set it like default ndo viewer: how can i fix that?
  5. The extreme version is not fully standalone although the missing files (microsoft runtime libraries removed to reduce size)are installed by many other programs and have been removed from this installation. The only reason the files are in a 7z archive is that the distribution site does not allow executable files.To install these files unattendedly, simply cause the exe to be executed, no switch required. shark so i have to extract the file and install it throug application.bat without switch right???
  6. hi to all..i would like to integrate this program in my windows unattended....I would like to launch it with silent switcher form application.bat: could you tell me how to do that. I think i should extraxt the 7z archive and than use a switch with the exe file installer right??? thank you for your help! i've tryed also to integrate the 7z with nlite but it says "file not supported"
  7. thank you for your help!!! so i should download the msi file from their site right??
  8. are you sure that it will work??? i shoould insert also user name and serial: how??? thank you for your help!
  9. hi i would like to integrate THIS PROGRAM but i don't know how to do that...i've tryed to extract the exe file and it extracts another exe that i can't extract anymore.....could you help me??
  10. oooooooooooook thank you very much!!!
  11. sorry for my bad english, but i don't understand you very well: i would like to use application.bat....so which type of switch i have to use????
  12. what i have to write in my application.bat to install it in silent mode?
  13. greeeeeeeeeeeat!! could you tell me how to install it please??
  14. can anyone send me the msi file?? i would like to use it with my Xp unattended version. what parameter should i use? and what i've to do to set it like default nfo viever? thank you very much!
  15. Please sp00f could you help me with autoit???

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