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  1. What problem you have with mine rebuild ?
  2. I use InstallShield 10.5 Premier SP1
  3. Hey Alanoll what program do you use for MSI building ?
  4. If you looked over this version it installs as custom and only required features are selected. So it always installs as lite version if you dont customize it.
  5. MAVERICKS CHOICE It is heavier because there are Winamp images in it as you could see.
  6. I change default Features selected and starting with custom install and changed Setup UI. And of course 5.0.9 files. You can check it if everything is ok in it.
  7. I dont see anything for angry. I do say that the build is by him and I rebuild on it.
  8. No, I have customized and used his build for myself. And posted it here. What permission must I ask for ??
  9. Hey don't be mad. I don't steal I have mentioned that it is yours and I have made customisations. I can build it myself but no need to build again as yours is quite good. So I only helped you and others. I think everyone can understand. Or else I can delete the file if you wish.
  10. Fritz_Saxi I can mail it if you cant download from rapidshare.
  11. In order to add smth you must recontstruct and rebuild MSI file. It is not just a tool it is more professional.
  12. You're welcome. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact me.
  13. I have rebuild the version 5.0.9 based on previous release by Alanoll. I don't have much time to build it from begining so I used the previous structure. It is customized with most usefull features by default. Download Winamp 5.0.9
  14. Please insert statements to check if registry key and value exists or equals smth.
  15. Try it I think that's very good solution. I have created it for this situation specially and I'm using it long time.
  16. Nazgul I have already tried that way it's working but I'd like to check if the specified key exists or not or smth else.
  17. How can I make to check not for file but for registry key or value? It is more useful.
  18. How can I set Breaks for columns. I want the next category to be displayed in next column as it dont fit in first and I dont like to split it.
  19. You can use this tool for changing discs and getting CD Drive letters CD Changer
  20. I mean that u must know the exact drive letter where youre setting your new page file. Because when doing clean install it sets drive letters of existing partitions and CD-ROM. So you must calculate what drive letter will be assigned to your page drive.
  21. It is trying to boot from hard disk, so or your cd is not bootable or u havent set to boot from cd.
  22. No from cmdlines.txt it will not run because windows installation hasnt finished that time. You can run it from GuiRunOnce
  23. I have made a MSI package for MPC but I dont assign associations I can add an option for it.

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