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  1. I've collected a VERY LARGE NUMBER OF Windows 2000 Professional (excluding some Server) Post SP4 Hotfixes. Excluding the ones in Update Rollup 1.0 v2, the number as of March 2009 is 118 for security updates (excluding IE5.01 and IE6SP1, MDAC, MSXML, Windows Media, DirectX and other components as well)-including these the number would be approx 215 AS WELL AS another 400 non-security updates. If I upload them somewhere, can someone pls pls pls pls pls make an unofficial SP5 Refresh/SP6 release? The integration method using N-Lite or manully slipstreaming breaks some features of Win2K after it's installed, however with these updates applied manually after Win2KSP4 and UR1, nothing breaks. I'm absolutely sure I've left no Windows 2000 Professional hotfixes except for about (~100) Windows 2000 Server hotfixes. From what I gathered scavenging countless USP related threads in this forum, we don't have access to the real service pack compiler gurgelmeyer used, however 7-Zipping update.exe and updated files would be a much better solution than installing these 500+ hotfixes one by one though automatically. And anyways, the slipstreamed unofficial SP5, it didn't support starting setup from DOS -> WinNT.exe, did it? It only supported booting from CD or upgrade from 9x/NT4 methods right? I don't need slipstreaming, after SP1 and UR1, I will be installing the unofficial SP using the /nobackup switch, and slipstreaming only the LBA hotfix into the Setup-with-SP4. Btw, what happened to gurgelmeyer? Why did he disappear? Anyone know, send me a PM.
  2. If you can get MSXML5 somehow installed and registered correctly on 9x/Me, we may have some success with the Compat Pack.
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