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  1. Hello, Not sure if this is helpful or not. What I did was download a program called autopatcher (apup). I would include the link but I think that is not allowed. This little program let me choose to download all the updates that were post SP2 for vista. Apup is intended for updating existing installs of Vista so I had to hunt for the updates I wanted. So once the downloaded had finished, I did a search for all *.msu files in the "Critical" folder (which is inside the "Modules" folder - - - you will easily be able to see what I mean if you do this yourself) . I copied all these *.msu files into another folder so as to make importing them into vLite easier. I then imported all these .msu files into vLite and created my DVD When I checked on Windows Update, it said I still needed 12 Important updates. This compares to around 70 when I just installed the straight SP2 DVD without any modifications. The 12 important updates I needed were mostly .net 3.5 which I could probably find somewhere if I tried hard enough but then again a red wine is awaiting me in the other room :-) Sorry if this is confusing. I'm not good at explaining such things :-)
  2. Actually I was partially correct. I successfully applied all the post sp2 critical updates choosing Ultimate version of vLite. I then chose to "rebuild all" and not just Ultimate. Then I created the DVD and installed Ultimate. A Windows Update check showed only 12 important updates were needed (mostly .net type stuff) I then formatted the computer and installed Home Premium using the same DVD. The install was flawless. However a Windows update check showed 68 important updates were needed. Now I guess I could just go back into vLite and update Home Premium, Home Basic, Business etc but that would take forever. Does anyone know of a way to update "all the versions" in one foul swoop? Cheers
  3. Hello, I would like to update my Vista DVD but as I often reinstall on various friends and families computers, I would like to keep the option to install all the versions (Ultimate, Home Premium, Home Basic, Business etc etc). So having read these forums, I get the idea that when applying all the updates I can: 1. Choose any of the versions e.g. Ultimate to update with all the latest .msu files 2. Choose to "rebuild all" instead of just the version I chose a few steps earlier (e.g. Ultimate) Is that correct that I will now have each of the versions fully updated and available to install depending on the product key on the computer I want to install it on? If not, then is there an easy way to make it so? Cheers
  4. Some further searching found this: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6228 So I will give it a try :-) Cheers, Paul.
  5. Hello, I think I have searched properly for this on google and in these forums but I cannot find anything. Either that or I had too many Merlots last night With my old XP machine I would use nLite and either Xable or Ryans updates to get all the post service pack critical updates. Ok, so with my new Vista machine I want to do the same thing except with vLite instead. That is integrate SP1 and use some external post SP1 update pack to get all the critical stuff that has been released since SP1 I know I could download them all individually and do it all myself, but I was hoping somebody has already done this? Cheers, Paul.
  6. dinkydi

    XP Thin Client

    Hello, I have a very old PC that I would like to be able to RDP to a Microsoft terminal server in much the same way as the Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PC's does. With nLite I can of course remove oodles of things but can somebody who knows what is required to RDP please tell me what CANNOT be removed. Oh, and this is for private purposes (not corporate) despite connecting to a terminal server. Cheers, Paul.
  7. Just wondering if anybody has made a Vista Update Pack with all the critical updates since it's release? Something like xable XP pack (but for Vista) would be perfect. Something that can be used with Vlite I mean. Cheers, Paul.
  8. Hello, I have the exact same problem - I don't have an option to select large fonts. As with Techking, I did NOT select any fonts for removal. Does anyone know what we are doing wrong? Paul.
  9. Hi, I'm going to attempt an integrated install using Xables Light Update Pack (Version 3.0.3 - Released 24th September 2007). So I will put this in the hotfixes and update packs but then I also want to put all the critical updates released since September 24. I'm not interested in any of the optional ones, only the updates that appear in the High-Priority section of Windows update. I also don't have IE7 so I don't have to worry about any critical updates that affect this yes?. Is there an easy way to find which critical updates Microsoft have put out since September 24? Thanks, Paul.
  10. Hi, Just wondering if it is possible to create a folder with the installation .exe files for all my favourite programs (Opera, PDF Creator, etc etc) and then integrate this folder so that it appears on the desktop when I load Windows. I have XP Pro SP1 32bit version, SP2 and Ryans pack etc. Can it be easily done? Paul.
  11. Hi Everyone, My first post so please be nice I have a Dell Computer that shipped with an XP Pro SP2 reinstallation CD. It is the type of rinstallation CD that is the same as an OEM CD (ie. it just reinstalls Windows and not all the crap). The only difference I can see is that I don't need to type in any key at any point and my computer gets automatically activated. Now, what I would like to do is nLite this CD using Ryans post service pack 2 updates. I would also like to make some other changes and set timezone etc. Does anyone know if it will work or will the integration process destroy the pre-activation thing? I assume as I am using this on the Dell machine my computer came with that what I'm trying to do is legal? Regards, Paul.
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