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  1. I've finally managed to get it to work, but only by using an IE7 Add-On. Thanks for the reply LUZR4LIFE.

    A few people here have had the exact same problem, and there hasn't been any solution.

    Using an IE7 Add-On seems to work OK. However, I'd still like to know why nLite can't slipstream IE7 on it's own?

    Anyway, This could have been so much simpler had Micro$$oft made IE7 and WMP11 part of SP3. Guess that's too much to expect....... :rolleyes:

    Why they didn't defies logic.

    Yes, Ie7 should have been in SP3, not sure about WMP 11. It would be nice but I have yet gotten WMP11 in any update, they are trying to keep that hidden still, but what ekse can MS do but the wrong thing. LOL

  2. I am working on a Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505, I have reformatted it and install all the drivers from the website. I can find my wireless router put when I try to connect, it will not get passed the acquiring network address. I have put in the correct phrase

    I have never installed blue tooth before and it has been installing for more than a half hour, is that normal?

    Thank you.

  3. No the start menu group and shortcut is not being created.

    Try to do what I explained, that should work. Also, try to remove your "infotip" in your .inf. That may sound weired but I have actually had that issue with some programs, not sure why though so I just do it the way I posted.

  4. Hi Yzöwl

    I removed Games in "Retro Games" as you can see below, but the shortcuts are still not being created.

    CHRONOSMAIN = "Retro\Chronos"

    As i said before the inf file 'pagedfrg' creates the shortcut.

    I am wondering if it the one in bold that is the problem? I will try it out and report back


    Name = Chronos

    CmdLine = 16422,%CHRONOSMAIN%,Chronos.exe

    SubDir = %CHRONOSMAIN%

    WorkingDir = 16422,%CHRONOSMAIN%

    InfoTip = An Old Spectrum Clasic Game

    Is the shortcut not being made or is it a broken icon?

    When I have a issue with a shorcut I use this.

    %ProgramFiles% (ex. "C:\Unreal Tournament 3" to "%ProgramFiles%\Unreal Tournament 3"


    CopyFiles =AddShortcut.Files

    AddShortcut.Files =16407,STARTMENUFOLDER
    ; 16407 = %allusersprofile%\Start Menu\Programs
    ; 16386 = %userprofile%\Start Menu\Programs


    Hope this helps.

  5. I wanna recommend to you a program by n7Epilson called FGCBA, you use it to test your entries.ini and inf files

    **** FGCBA 0.897 * by n7Epsilon * [url="http://tinyurl.com/lslmm"]http://tinyurl.com/lslmm[/url] ****
    - Starting Logger "All your bug are report by me!!" -

    I: Date/Time of execution: 4/1/2008 10:27:57 PM UTC

    I: Specified Parameters:
    * C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\test.inf
    * /log:C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\log_test.txt

    I: Dump of ParamsTable (ArgumentParser v2):
    * log = C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\log_test.txt

    I: ExtINFParser engaged, attempting read "test.inf"

    ** Reading INF file: test.inf...
    I: Read variables in [Strings] section:
    RETROGAMES = "Retro Games"
    CHRONOSMAIN = "Retro Games\Chronos"
    CHRONOSFONT = "Retro Games\Chronos\Font"
    CHRONOSLEVEL = "Retro Games\Chronos\Level"
    CHRONOSSFX = "Retro Games\Chronos\Sfx"
    CHRONOSGFX = "Retro Games\Chronos\Gfx"

    - Warn: [DefaultInstall] section does not exist in test.inf
    * Parsing [Optional Components] section...
    * Parsing [retrogames] section...
    - Processing CopyFiles directive...
    * Parsing [SourceDisksNames.x86] section...
    * Parsing [SourceDisksFiles] section...
    * Parsing [DestinationDirs] section...
    - Parsing [CopyChronosMain] section...
    - Parsing [CopyChronosFont] section...
    - Parsing [CopyChronosLevel] section...
    - Parsing [CopyChronosSfx] section...
    - Parsing [CopyChronosGfx] section...
    - Error: Orphaned file "saucernasty.png" in [CopyChronosGfx] This file was never referenced by [SourceDisksFiles] in test.inf!
    - Error: "saurcernasty.png" is specified in [SourceDisksFiles] but not in any of the CopyFiles sections in test.inf!

    !- 1 warning(s):
    - [DefaultInstall] section does not exist in test.inf
    !- 1 warning(s).

    !- 2 error(s):
    - Orphaned file "saucernasty.png" in [CopyChronosGfx] This file was never
    referenced by [SourceDisksFiles] in test.inf!

    - "saurcernasty.png" is specified in [SourceDisksFiles] but not in any of the
    CopyFiles sections in test.inf!
    !- 2 error(s).

    !!!!- Critical error(s) detected, process aborted.

    - Stopping Logger -

    It says you have a typo. The SourceDisksFiles and CopyFiles filename do not match


    saurcernasty.png =1



    Yzöwl the spaces wont hurt

    D A M N you Rick. LMAO.

  6. From past experience, hard drive going dead.

    Watch out for louder than normal sound coming from hard drive.

    Usually precursor to failing.

    If u here it clicking it means its failing or failed.

    Thanks for your help, I know that when it gets noise that its a sign of it going bad, in this case there were no noises just a warning to backup and replace..

  7. You said this is the 2nd drive that's gone out. Is this the "same" drive? By that, I mean is the 2nd failed drive the replacement for the 1st failed drive? If so, check your power connections to see if it's on a different power cable than the other drives (i.e. are the other drives all connected to the same cable, but this one is on a seperate one?). If so, you could have a bad power cable coming from the PSU, or a bad rail (which would've been causing other problems as well).

    Yes, this was a replacement drive that went bad. I have 2 320G HDD on on pwr cord with a P11 connection. Unfortunately I don't recall how I had the pwr setup when the last one went bad. I will mark the pwr cord this time when t he replacement comes, to see if it is limited to that specific P11. Thanks.

  8. Well, to be honest I don't know what to do now. Here is the answer from our current shared hosting support team:

    This user without any doubt needs a dedicated server. It is not his

    bandwidth or space storage, his forum user connections is what creating the

    cpu load.

    Dedicated hosting server costs about 150$/month and my current payments don't cover that nor I haven't received any donations except one from JurgenDoe...

    I suspect on a hack, since it's not happening all the time.. There were no problems for 3 weeks since we moved to another server, until now.. :realmad:

    I'm curious... What have your monthly stats been like? CPU load, number of members, bandwidth usage, etc.?

    Have you looked into VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting instead of a dedicated one?

    Last I heared from N1K the load was at 33% I believe. Also, I just found out that WinCert was Hacked.

  9. I just tried going to Wincert.net and it showed a page saying:
    This Account Has Been Suspended

    Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

    WinCert is moving to a dedicated server, due to the hits it has been getting. So it maybe down for another couple days until the move is done.

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