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  1. Have you, or anyone else, got the FTP "drive" to work on Win98? Every time I tried it just went silent on me. I now use Q-Dir (www.softwareok.com), and it is USB portable. The FTP is Windoze's, but it does work.
  2. I am beginning to build a web page for things that seem to have "fallen off the edge of the internet", and that I have legitimate copies of, so this looks like a prime candidate. The page can be found here: http://inkt.co.cc/5353/ . Hope that helps. Sorry for the ads on FileFactory.com Jeff
  3. Led on from The Register http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/09/02/microsoft_emet_v2_released/ I had a look at the MS links at http://blogs.technet.com/b/srd/archive/2010/07/28/announcing-the-upcoming-release-of-emet-v2.aspx http://blogs.technet.com/b/srd/archive/2010/09/02/enhanced-mitigation-experience-toolkit-emet-v2-0-0.aspx http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/ff859539.aspx http://blogs.technet.com/b/srd/archive/2009/10/27/announcing-the-release-of-the-enhanced-mitigation-evaluation-toolkit.aspx Note from the video how proud they are of the quote from a third party software engineer "Can this really be from Microsoft?" ! Being official MS of course they consider WinXP to be a "legacy" OS, so nothing earlier than that gets a mention. Question of those who understand the internal architecture of Win98: Can these techniques be applied to Win98? If so, can we persuade someone to take on the task of turning the techniques into Win98 reality?
  4. I speak from ignorance of FF3, being quite happy with FF2, but I wonder if it is the setting shown in the Tab Mix Plus add-on as Links | Open links from other applications in: | [New Window][New Tab][Current Tab] That will put something into about:config but I haven't been exploring, so can't say what.
  5. Alas it needs .NET, but this is what I use: http://katana.oooninja.com/w/odf-converter-integrator
  6. I was a bit dubious about ClamWin on its own. Given the amount of junk I have on disk, doing a complete scan was taking forever. Now able to give that up by using ClamSentinel which isn't real time, but scans a file within 10 seconds of it having been written. Allied with a bit of common sense about where not to go on the interwebs, and I have had no trouble.
  7. Avast 4.8 until the licence expires (only now valid on a couple of rarely used machines), and then ClamWin with ClamSentinel.
  8. Alex, It seems to me that if WinXP is seeing all the appropriate hardware, then it is sufficiently LBA capable. LLXX's patch is in daily use on at least three of my PCs, and I have lost no data since installation due to that matter. (I have lost some due to my own carelessness, but that is another matter entirely!) The limit is per physical disk. One can only avoid it on a larger disk by creating a <137GB partition right at the start of the platter. The same size, but further onto the platter will suffer the data wraparound problem, with the FAT being overwritten by data. It was an error like that which caused me to find out about LLXX's patch, and it has never failed me. Scandisk works OK for me, but all my partitions are smaller than 120GB. So maybe its limits are partition, not physical disk platter. Once you have installed the LLXX patch (or R Loew's shareware patch) I'd suggest taking your 160GB drive (assuming it contains nothing irreplaceable at present), and filling it up with backup under Win98. Then re-attaching the drive under WinXP. Open a few files, and make sure that they are real and work properly. Of course a valid backup is essential before starting on anything like this. But if your LLXX patch installation goes as smoothly as mine, you will never need the backup.
  9. Agreed. Shame that they have turned their back on Win98. In the meantime, thanks a million for the work you put into getting Clam Sentinel working, especially for Win98. For me, this add-on is what makes ClamWin usable. Without it, I would probably not bother with ClamWin at all.
  10. My guess is that it was some time since you previously let that box update from Avast. For some reason they have taken recently to putting everything into one file on your PC. Doesn't matter if you have an NT5 or later machine as there is no limit to file size. But for Windows 98SE of course there is the 4GB limit imposed internally by the Win98 architecture. You have got more than 4GB of file update to install, and it cannot do it. The only solution is to reinstall Avast with an updated installation file. And of course that cannot now happen. Sorry, you are looking for another anti-virus solution. How do I know? It happened to me as well!
  11. I beg to disagree aabout the 100%. In my experience the FTP functions on this version will not work. I reverted to the 2007 version which does not have FTP to stop annoying myself every time I wanted to FTP a file.
  12. Many thanks, Jaclaz. It shows the power of choosing the search terms correctly! In the searches that I had made, I was overwhelmed with dross, I couldn't see the useful information.
  13. Has anyone got (or know where to get) a NTP client program for a Network Time Server? Many thanks.
  14. In fact, I just forced a Win98SE box to update its program, and it now tells me that the Avast! version is 4.8.1368. Good on Avast!
  15. They still quote it as working for Win98 and WinME on the web site. Oh well. I found 2.50 at: http://www.bsplayer.org/bsplayer-english/download-free.html
  16. I have TightVNC version 1.3.9 working very well on several Win98SE boxes. The latest is 1.3.10, but I haven't yet got round to installing it. There is nothing on the web site to indicate there might be a problem. Jeff
  17. DYNAMIC DRAW The other day I came across a vector drawing program, Dynamic Draw [ http://www.dynamicdraw.com/ ]. Current version is 5, and does not support W9x, but version 4 is on the site [ http://molips.web.infoseek.co.jp/eng/older/index.html ] and claims to. I haven't yet had the time to install and try yet, but it looks promising.
  18. Still leaves us with ClamWin though. It has happily updated this morning, and is now scanning its way through my download directory.
  19. As others have said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! I can achieve all that I want to on a Win9x system. Maybe it isn't the latest version of the software, but so what! I feel so much more relaxed now that I have awarded myself a pass-out from the M$ inspired game of keeping up with the Jones. Then add my problems with the later M$ licence conditions, that appear in particular to give them the right to remove software from my computer because they don't like it being there. And then add my concerns about having to ask M$ for permission to use my OS again, after I make some significant changes to the box, and about the "telemetry" it is reputed to send off to Redmond whether I like it or not. [in passing, the same applies to M$ Office. They proudly announced once just how many Word documents were being opened with each version of Word over the previous months. Of course Win98 has its problems, but I'll cope. Life is a balancing act between various options. And I like where Win98 has the balance.
  20. William (not sweet), At 1033 GMT you appeared to be looking for your golf clubs. Must have been a quick game as you were back making another acid contribution at 1106 GMT. If you program at the same speed as you play golf, I can understand some of your venom. It doesn't make it any more pleasant, but I could understand why you consider the rest of us to be thick twits, worthy only of scorn. Seriously folks, that is everyone except Bitter William, I suggest that the time has come. Please don't feed the Troll any more. He has had enough attention for now!
  21. William, Sweet or Otherwise, I think you will find the list of what is in these packages in the 57 pages of this thread. Alternatively you could install the package (which actually makes no changes other than to unwrap the packages and place them where you want them, but then of course you won't trust my statement to that effect either!) and have a look at the batch files that do the work, and the directories of files available to install. To answer your question: Install the full package (December 07), then install the upgrade pack (08) over the top of it, then run the batch file. Sadly, I cannot avoid a comment on the tone of your post. You must either be rather new to this forum, or very lonely. If the former, hang around a bit and you will soon suss out who can be trusted. If the latter we will soon learn whether to trust you. I think you will find that many here have decided to trust soporific's packages, and have happily used them to update their machines. You are free to choose otherwise as you wish; but please, don't come over all aggressive just because you haven't yet learned how to tell the good guys apart from the bad guys. Of course if the whole idea is as bad as you claim, then you are completely free to put it all in the bit bucket. No need to make such a song and dance routine out of it. Just do it quietly and move on, managing your system exactly as you please. Jeff
  22. Something is still wrong, as going to the site one is shown the directory and file list, not the normal web pages ... ... ... but looking at the file dates shows that Soporific has been spending a lot of time on his Win XP projects of late. Maybe he has lost interest in Win98?
  23. 98Guy, I share your concerns about the NTFS file system, especially about the ability to hide stuff in the alternative data streams. That enough people have sussed out how to write utilities such as NTFS drivers for Win98 must indicate that MS didn't make it complicated enough. Possibly the reason for the development of HFS, their newest way to confuse their enemy (the customer)! That said however, I do find it necessary to use NTFS for a few jobs. I recently had to write some video files to a Video DVD for someone without a PC. Whilst it can be done in Win98 (with some difficulty in preparing the files), the simplest programs to use seem to be written for Win2K upwards, and they insist on NTFS for the freedom of creating large files. I initially ran one such program on a Win2K box with only FAT32 formatted disks, and it reliably fell over every time. The Paragon driver noted above is still limited to a 4GB maximum file size. This then leads me to question whether the next big leap forward for Win98 is to overcome the 4GB file size within both Win98 itself, and within a suitable file system. Perhaps it should adopt the Ext2/3 as native? Could it be done? Does someone have the technical understanding to do so?
  24. I think what you need is the Microsoft Internet Printing software, in particular a file called WPNPINS.EXE . It is said to give you the opportunity to specify an IP address for a printer, just like the "add printer" wizard built in to W2K. I can't remember where I found my copy, but it was through the usual Scroogle search. I have just repeated a search and had 94 returns. Half or so of them look like trash, a half of what is left look like how to pages, so there should be quite a few places to download it from. I haven't used it yet because the network printer that I did have in use was adaptable when I changed to a JetDirect server on a HP printer. However, I need to rebuild one PC in the next few months to obliterate some of the crap that has built up in it, and I will be trying the MS internet printing thingy then. NW (edited for atrocious spelling!)
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