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  1. I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this, but the Server 2003 install CD I'm building is not really an unattended installation -- so I thought this was a better forum. But one of the things I'd like automate is the entry of my CD Key; I know it's a bit risky putting it on a CD, but it's a typing twister, and I seem to recall there was a place you could put it in some inf somewhere that would automate this step of installation... Yes, I searched and searched and -- found nothing...
  2. hoak

    HFSLIP Site Issues

    Yup works, THANKS!
  3. hoak

    HFSLIP Site Issues

    I've read elsewhere in the HFSLIP forum where others have been unable to reach the http://hfslip.org/ site, now I'm among them... I've tried to proxy, even tried Google Cache and the Internet Archive and I can't get there to read the help files... Is the HFSLIP site mirrored anywhere?
  4. As part of a 'hardening experiment' I did an: attrib +s +r +h "Shared Documents" From my "All Users" directory; and then: cacls "Shared Documents" /t /d everyone Can anyone tell me how I restore my default ACLs and Attributes to this "Shared Documents" directory?
  5. I'm still pokeing around trying to find how where and how Server 2008 sets its boot screen color and where its art assets are, and haveing wretched luck -- anyone else have a clue or know where those who know can be found?
  6. Anyone found where this is controlled? For Server 2003 you can edit these color settings in the registry at these keys: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors] "ActiveBorder"="192 192 192" "ActiveTitle"="0 0 0" "AppWorkSpace"="192 192 192" "Background"="0 0 0" "ButtonAlternateFace"="181 181 181" "ButtonDkShadow"="0 0 0" "ButtonFace"="192 192 192" "ButtonHilight"="255 255 255" "ButtonLight"="192 192 192" "ButtonShadow"="128 128 128" "ButtonText"="0 0 0" "GradientActiveTitle"="0 0 0" "GradientInactiveTitle"="192 192 192" "GrayText"="128 128 128" "Hilight"="0 0 0" "HilightText"="255 255 255" "HotTrackingColor"="0 0 0" "InactiveBorder"="192 192 192" "InactiveTitle"="192 192 192" "InactiveTitleText"="0 0 0" "InfoText"="0 0 0" "InfoWindow"="255 255 225" "Menu"="192 192 192" "MenuText"="0 0 0" "Scrollbar"="192 192 192" "TitleText"="192 192 192" "Window"="192 192 192" "WindowFrame"="0 0 0" "WindowText"="0 0 0" The sample here are not Server 2003's default boot & shutdown colors but a black background which makes for seamless boot process colors -- ie. black from BIOS POST to startup (I have my Desktop set to black as well). This also puts a bit less wear and tear on your fly-back transformer if you have a CRT, as it avoids the surges in gain that happen from full field color changes (a lot of people also power up their CRT and PC at the same time when the CRT PSU is sagging which makes this even worse)... I couldn't find these settings or their equivelent in the Server 2008 registry, and adding to Server 2008's registry has no effect on startup and shutdown screen colors as it does in Server 2003... Over to anyone in the know...
  7. Yes, there are other nice gaming performance enhancements using the Windows Server OS's you'll see running Windows games over XP or Vista as well; some are small but measurable and very noticeable -- and can be proven through repeated demonstration: · games load faster · lower pings · less packet loss · less hitching · higher & smoother frame rates With many games Sever 2003 performs marginally better then 2008 with the same services complement and the latest DX9 release; 2003 uses less RAM then 2008 and has a lower quiescent system load which corroborates better performance as there are more system resources available for games. Server 2008 is supposed to offer better resource management, but a lot of this applies to server roles with a lot of core services running -- though the Sever 2008 kernel is supposed to stop polling some processes and services when they're disabled that the 2003 kernel still looks for, so your milage may vary...
  8. Hi, imadude; sadly the ill-informed bulls***/rhetoric re. servers vs. workstation O.S. design will probably never stop in these threads... I have tried Server 2008 and use Server 2003 for gaming (and running game servers). Though I haven't tested Server 2008 exhaustively enough to qualify game performance, it is very close to Server 2003, marginally slower with some newer DX9 games. There is a substantial performance improvement with both DX9 and DX10 games on Sever 2008 over Vista however, and that's with the same services complement running. Factoring Server 2008's better game performance over Vista, with the fact that it's possible to license it for less then some editions of Vista does make it look like a promising gaming platform -- though I see little reason to move from a workstation/game platform based on Server 2003 which is very mature, robust, and performs marginally better in some cases.
  9. Can anyone explain how to get a more conventional root view in the new 'Windows Explorer' similar to the root 'Computer' view in XP and Server 2003 with the following command line switches? %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e, /root Computer, /select Computer Apparently these don't work in the Vista/Server 2008...
  10. Well now that I've fully explored driver configuration, tweaking, and Server 2008 features & settings I can say there's a lot to like in Server 2008 (as a Workstation), but like Vista, far too many issues with software and drivers for to be considered a 'Next-Gen' replacement for its previous '2003' iteration, and to be a better candidate for some production environments. In my case that would be game development; as I've seen far too many crashes, lock-ups, and functional (and functionality) issues to use Server 2008 as a replacement for Server 2003 as a workstation/production platform -- or even a just-for-fun 'Game-Rig'. Hopefully Microsoft will give more recognition to how it's operating systems are actually used, and Server 2008 will continue to see improvements that make it more viable as a robust and versatile platform that include applications as a Workstation OS... Failing that -- I hope Fans will continue to explore and discover means to bring Server 2008 up to the level of the well behaved workstation platform one can roll with Server 2003... So, for now, for me at least; it's bye-bye to Server 2008...
  11. Thanks again Dislocated Time, and yes Server 2008 has those files but again no resources that pertain to load and shut-down screens. While this is a very superficial aesthetic consideration, it does point to some of the really off incongruities in UI design that Microsoft have applied to Server 2008 (and Vista) that are rather warty, and in some cases absurdly awkward to use for a contemporary operating system.
  12. Thanks cluberti, but winlogon.exe was the next thing I thought of -- and when I opened it with Resource Hacker, I could find nothing that might constitute art assets or even color settings for the Server 2008 load ans shutdown screens... Must be somewhere else, but where?
  13. Thank you Dislocated Time, I was aware of the /NOGUI switch from XP/Server 2003 but Server 2008 and Vista no longer use boot.ini, and use BDEdit to edit a binary start configuration file. Similarly I don't think the load and shutdown screen resources are in kernel files any longer (though I haven't checked this yet)... I also gave the 'Classic Login' option via GPEdit a try as the option is still there from XP and Server 2003 but it's just a legacy setting that no longer does anything... There is a /NOGUI option in Vista/Server 2008's Configuration Editor but it doesn't effect the load or shutdown screens...
  14. These were editable in the registry in Server 2003 in the registry under the key: [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors But editing colors here doesn't effect the load and shutdown screen in Server 2008... Does anyone know the registry location for these color settings or if the load screen background is stored somewhere as an image?
  15. Well, I decided to give it a go, and I have both X-Fi audio, and SLI'd video on the PC I decided to try Server 2008 out on (as a Workstation/Game Rig)... My results with X-Fi audio have been favorable though I still get some noise/popping under some circumstances. SLI is another matter, it 'appears' to work as you can enable it, but the NVIDA diagnostic to test how the various SLI render modes are performing (or if they're even working properly) isn't even available in the control panel. NVIDA System Tools don't work, and nTune has very limited functionality -- and is very slow to respond... So far I'm favorably impressed with Server 2008 as a Workstation, it's definitely an improvement from Vista for a PC game-rig platform...
  16. NVIDIA's SLI and Creative's X-Fi hardware and drivers are two hardware paths that just don't work as well on Vista as they do on XP, or Server 2003. The same SLI'd video configuration does not show similar performance gains on Vista that it does on XP and Server 2003... Similarly Creative's X-Fi hardware loose a lot of it's CPU sparing performance advantage on Vista it confers on the older OS's -- which some have suggested is due to the fact that a lot of the sound DSP must be done in software by the driver with Vista and not on the APU. The issues on Vista isn't just about poorer performance, but buggier performance: video anomalies, stability issues, audio sync issues, noise popping -- pretty much the full gambit of things that can go wrong have been part and parcel of SLI and X-Fi Owner's experience with Vista. I'm wondering if we have any Users here on MSFN that are giving the Server 2008 as a Workstation a go that are using NVIDIA SLI video setup, or a Creative X-Fi sound card, and what their experience has been?
  17. While it's probably safe to assume that the 'Standard Edition' of Server 2008 is the one most will choose and use to roll as a Workstation due to cost; the 'Web Edition' of Server 2003 was preferred by many (over the Standard Edition) due to it's slimmer profile... Is there anyone here 'in-the-know' as to whether the Web Edition of Server 2008 also delivers a lighter payload of files and superfluous features for a Workstation implementation?
  18. I have a suggestion that will help the web version maintain its value as suppliment to the PDF (when that becomes available): In your game and application compatibility sections it might be worthwhile to allow signed members to update, and link those sections to the forum -- but if that's too riskey it would still be very valuable to link through to the forum regarding specific application or game configuration, performance and comparability issues. For example the current known compatible games list "Less FPS" as an issue, without indicating less frames per second compared to what OS -- Vista, XP, Server 2003? If this were less FPS then say Vista, I'm sure someone will find out why and we'll be able to do something about it, if it's less then XP that wouldn't be much of a surprise or even a real issue if the game is still turning a better frame rate then on Vista... User updating and linking to the forum would add a nice level of utility to the document that would keep it current and help maintain it as 'the single qualified source as a registry of information' about S2K8 as a Workstation's application and game compatibility and performance. Handsome work as always!
  19. Thanks cluberti! I saw "Standard" in the little image, but didn't trust it.
  20. Very ambitious and impressive project, I hope you stay the course! This reminds me after a fashion of Microsoft's own 'Target Designer' for their Embedded versions of Windows, but looks to have much more potential to be a more versatile tool. I hope in the coming months I'll have more time to give this a try.
  21. Has anyone seen license packaging like this and know how to decipher it? It looks like a generic unspecified version of 2008 does this mean I can install any role? Does: "1PK DSP OEI 5 CLT USER CAL" mean something like 1 Server 5 Client Users? Help appreciated...
  22. Thanks aviv00, but I in fact tried mixed case and numarical passwords exactly like the one you have there -- same result... There's a little blurb on the Vista pw policies but none seem applicable here -- perhaps my image is bad or something went wrong...
  23. I just downloaded and installed Sever 2008 Web RC1, but after the setup completes I'm required to "create a new password" to log in (even though I've never created a password on the newly installed system); and no matter how complicated, long, simple or elaborate I make the password I get this message: Any idears what the requirements are that I have to meet for complexity, history for the default domain? I've reinstalled Server 2008 two times just to see if there are any setup options I've missed with the same result...

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