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  1. Yes, you can do that. It will install the stupid "Mobile Me" stuff though.
  2. Apple released 8.01 today ... Apple Releases iTunes 8.01
  3. Elajua, Everything works great with the your installer and Quicktime for VCP + itunes addon. However, I just want to let you know that when I try to update my iPod firmware in iTunes, it complains that I do not have itunes 8. It's not a big deal, because you can do a manual update but I wanted to make you aware.
  4. Until shark releases his addon, is there a way to manually add those files and reg entries? I need to sync my iPod
  5. here is my iTunes addon which goes along with my quicktime installer shark Running the add-on gives me the error "This add-on requires Quicktime Alternative 2.7.0 or Quicktime LT 2.7.0. I've downloaded and installed your quicktime installer, and I've used your installer with an iPod. EDITTED by Shark007 to update the URL's in my quoted post
  6. Has anyone else tried elajua's new installer with Shark's Quicktime Lite for VCP? I downloaded and installed the latest version of QT for VCP from Shark's website, but iTunes 8 is still telling me I need Quicktime installed.
  7. elajua, Be sure to get Apple's re-release of iTunes 8 that fixes the buggy driver issue. It was causing BSODs on Vista :\ http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/...fix-vista-crash
  8. Any chance iTunes 8 will get the shark treatment?
  9. RHPT

    vista sp1 & vlite

    I removed components with my vLite installation.
  10. RHPT

    vista sp1 & vlite

    Yes, but I then would have to reinstall Vista. I can't just blanket install SP1 on my vLite Vista installation. Right?
  11. RHPT

    vista sp1 & vlite

    So the only way to install SP1 with vLite is to get a Vista image with SP1 already integrated (only via Microsoft) and then use vLite?
  12. Is there a way to install Adobe Lite on a different directory than C:\Program Files\?
  13. Is there a project similar to Nero Lite for Yahoo Messenger 9? A package where all the extras are removed and perhaps also the ads?
  14. When I run Nero 7, Vista turns off Aero before running the program. I can switch Aero on after the program is running, but Vista always switches Aero off at startup. I don't know if this is because I am running Nero Micro 7.x.1.2 or if its just an issue with Nero 7 in general, but I was hoping someone could shed some lite on this.... Any help would be greatly apperciated. Thank you
  15. I know that there is a Nero 7 Lite and Micro, but I was wondering if there is a way to create your own custom install. I'd like to use more than just the Burning ROM, but I don't want the other stuff (NeroScout, Nero Toolbar, etc). Thank you

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