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  1. it gave an error when i compresssed to rar and tried to add :s
  2. is making it .cab necessary ? cant we just use .rar extension for our silent install pack ?
  3. ok so, i integrated that driver with nlite, and RE INSTALL win xp in ahci WITHOUT HD FORMAT , and it worked but... i cant get that drivers to work with old xp ( its still installed , but i get BSOD , maybe i updated them for CD ROM instead of hdd, cuz both had "primary IDE channel" as their names, so i might have accidentally updated the drivers for DVD ROM (which isnt SATA) instead of hdd.. thats why i get bsod, i wish there was a way i could roll back drivers for old xp installation, i cant run in safe mode, bsod ) so.. now, i got my drivers installed, and know they work, so ill re install xp with same cd with FRESH installation ntfs format. its such a pain in the a** to re install all the drivers and software after xp re install ,thats why i was avoiding re install.. so.. i guess ill have to re install everything..
  4. Just follow part B of my guide and use this driver.Good luck! Fernando wasted my cd-r.. doesnt work. when i install this driver , i get BSOD ( even if i enable/disable ahci via bios ) and with slipstreaming them , i dont get the option to REPAIR windows, it just doesnt detect any XP installed , although it says i have a "different" os installed..so , if it cant detect xp installed on my c:/ then most probably they wont work. how can I check which drivers work on my mobo ? its asus p5n-mx , nvidia nforce 610i chipset (geforce 7050 gpu integrated) how do i find out which mcp chipset i have?
  5. I made a cd with nlite with the drivers i dloaded , tried the cd to repair XP , but it wasnt showing any repair option, it was only asking me to do a clean install, although it did say i already have a "different" os installled in c:/ but i dont get it, why didnt it detect the os as xp and ask me to repair it ? and before that, i got error message when i pressed f6, it was long text, nothing like an error , asked me to press "S" or enter to continue, when i pressed "S" it told me it cant find any floppy drives , so i just went back and hit enter, then it proceed normally ( hdd more ahci setup via bios ) but it was **** slower than usual. well i waited, and then it showed me my hdd drives ( didnt detect xp on it though ) so i cant repair my xp.. huh ! i just have to install the drivers for ahci now.. i have mcp73 chipset ( nforce 610i geforce 7050) xp 32 bit how to install drivers ? i tried installing it via add new hardware wizard ,and it is now with an exclaimation mark.. still i get bsod if i try to boot in ahci mode
  6. I want to update a class on a seperate navigation system. can you help me? the code is : <ul class="mainmenu"> <li class="level1 item2 parent active" style="background: url('images/menu_item1_bg.png') no-repeat;"><a class="slider" href="index.html">Home</a></li> <li class="level1 item4 parent" style="background: url('images/menu_item2_bg.png') no-repeat;"><a class="slider" href="/soft.html">Softwares</a></li> <li class="level1 item6 parent" style="background: url('images/menu_item3_bg.png') no-repeat;"><a class="slider" href="/stats/downloads.php">CS Tools</a></li> <li class="level1 item7 parent" style="background: url('images/menu_item4_bg.png') no-repeat;"><a class="slider" href="/forum/index.php">Forum</a></li> <li class="level1 item8 parent" style="background: url('images/menu_item5_bg.png') no-repeat;"><a class="slider" href="">Contact Us</a></li> </ul> Now as you can see there is a class called active on home's tab. I want this class to be added on soft's tab when clicked , and to be removed from home's tab. can you help me? remember just updating of "active" is needed , everything remains same.
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