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  1. ok im trying to set up a website and im having a bit of problems. First i downt know how to make it so that i dont have to put a password in just to view my web pages, i want anyone to see it. second how do i makeit so that other people can see it (something about prot fowarding) and one know how to do this?
  2. i have a sidebar i want to automaticly pop up when windows boots the first time. how do i add this. hivesft- tried but it didnt do much
  3. i want to add something to the accesories. gow do i do this in the iso form
  4. oh i know where my path is its just it wont select it as the default one
  5. my unattended os for some reason will not apply my theme that is defined in my winnt.sif. my uxtheme is patched but it just dosnt work. my question is can i add a line to my [GUIRUNONCE] to set my theme? kinda like a batch file? im searchin google for an answer but i think this site is much more helpful thanks
  6. trust me i no about uxtheme, b4 windows 2003 will let u select a theme it askes you to enable them, same with sounds. i know how to enable theme once its installed but i want it set that way so i dont have to turn them on every time i reistall windows. thanks though
  7. i did thats not what i am looking for. it doesnt say anything about enabling themes/sounds for 2003 way to go
  8. alright i am creating a OS off of windows 2003 server edition. first i want to enable themes and such so i can have a default theme selected. second how to enable windows default sounds, third i want to disable most of the server crap from poping up (enhanced security, server options, etc) thanks a million -pspcracka-
  9. alright im making my own custom OS of windows server 2003. first how do i enable themes when its still in the iso form. i know it has to be a reg file but i dont know what to do next 2nd i have a bunch of windows sounds i want to include. i already replaced the old sounds with the new (both the cab and file are the same name as the origional ones) but again i have to enable sounds and select the sound theme i want. how do i do this? please help and dont tell me 2 google it, i already tried. thanks in advance pspcracka
  10. when you log onto windows 2003 you get a box asking for your user and password. above that there is a picture. how do i edit it from saying windows 2003 server to something else the picture at the top
  11. 1.) When changing themes u get a little box that pops up saying "please wait" 2.) When u right click on the start button and select properties u get of the desktop and taskbar. 3.) When u get to the first install screen when booting from cd its a blue screen and it says "Windows Xp Professional" how can i change that to say something else how can i change the pictures in all of these in the unattended state? thnx from pspcracka the ninja
  12. trying to modify ur boot screen is pretty tricky and can corrupt ur system if ur not carefull. theres a few files u have to replace to do it rite
  13. Hi im nate and i am new to making custom os. I need some testers for my new os XP Blue Gem so if ur interested just mesage me

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