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  1. I just setup a old computer for UT GOTY also! That game is timeless, its just as fun today as it was 8 years ago when it was new. Mine is a Dell OptiPlex GX1 tower: 550mhz P3 cpu 384mb pc100 ram Intel BX motherboard with 5 PCI slots, onboard 3com 3c905b ethernet, ATI Rage Pro Turbo AGP2x 4mb video, and Crystal 4236b sound. 10gig hard disk PCI Sound Blaster Live 5.1 PCI Quantum3d Obsidion2 X-24 PCI 3com Performance Pro hardware modem I remember UT GOTY was originally optimized for Glide mode for 3dfx cards, so I dug out my vintage Quantum3d Obsidion2 X-24 card. Its a SLI 24mb vram double voodoo2 on a single PCI card that cost me 600 bucks back when it was new. Still works perfect. I was going to run Win95, but figured 98se has better stability even if its a bit slower. I installed 98se, loaded IE6sp1, and all the updates off the windowsupdate site. I also loaded the nusb33e update. I found an Intel BX chipset update driver on their site and ATI still has drivers for the rage pro turbo chips. SB Live is using the latest driver they offer on the web site, and for the voodoo2 I'm using the last driver for it released by Quantum3d. The guy that makes the updated opengl renderer for UT also did a faster Glide renderer! I'm running it now with no problems. UT GOTY runs fantastic on it, smooth frame rate in every level, even Hall Of Giants at 1024x768 res and 16bit color. How the heck did those voodoo2 cards go so **** fast using only a PCI slot ?? Has anybody setup a computer JUST for UT GOTY? whats the minimum OS I can put on it and the game still work? Would NT4 Workstation with minimal services possibly be faster for it than 98se or 95 ? What about a 98micro or 98lite stripped version ? I want to use this computer only for UT games over my home network, so I don't need the OS to do anything except whats needed for UT and the hardware drivers (I don't know if any require IE). If I do a stripped down version of the OS, I'll remove the modem, I don't actually need it in there. Thanks for any advice !
  2. Ok BenoitRen we all understand you hate IE and everything to do with it, and nothing we say can change your mind. It doesn't mean ALL of us feel the same way... -- Back to my original post on this thread.. I guess nobody knows exactly whats in that rollup pack? Well, erpdude8 does but he hasn't replied. Pity...
  3. IE 5.5sp2 DOES include the active desktop updater, its just hidden... Here is the instructions to enable it: ----------------------------------------- Installing the Active Desktop Update along with IE 5.5 SP2 You can install the Active Desktop Update on Windows 95 along with IE 5.5 SP2. The option exists, but has been hidden because it must not be installed on Windows 98 or newer (already included). Here's how to proceed: 1- Run the standard ie5setup.exe (or run that file from your downloaded package or CD). 2- When the License Agreement appears, STOP and don't accept or click NEXT! A folder \Windows\temp\ixp000.tmp has been created. 3- Locate iesetup.cif in the \Windows\temp\ixp000.tmp folder and open it in notepad. 4- Scroll down to the [iE4Shell_Win] section, find the line that says UIVISIBLE=0 (its near the top) and change it to read UIVISIBLE=1, then save the file. This will enable the hidden Active Desktop Update checkbox in IE 5.5's installation program. 5- Go back to License Agreement, check "accept" and click the Next Button, then choose Install Minimal or customize your browser and click [Next] again. 6- You will now see the Windows Desktop Update option immediately under Internet Explorer 5.5 Web Browser. Check both and select the other components you want then proceed with the installation as usual. -------------------------------------------------------------- I have used this techinique several times now and it works perfectly. Doing this, means the buggy IE4 never needs to be installed! You can go from no IE, directly to IE 5.5sp2 with all Active Desktop features. Give it a try
  4. Yeah, thats what I'm doing. I remove IE4 to give 95c a clean slate, then install the IE 5.5sp2 with the desktop update enabled, since I like the active desktop functionality it adds to it. Why overlap IE4 with IE5.5 and have some or many old files from IE4 still in the mix ? By removing IE4 from the installer, that won't happen and I get a clean install of 5.5sp2. I haven't looked at erpmans webpage yet, thanks for the link! Nice page so far BenoitRen, looks like you got a good start going. I'm not sure about installing DUN 1.4 BEFORE the winsock2 update... are you sure on that ? As I said above, I prefer the desktop update features, so I always install IE5.5sp2 on 95c. I know its an outdated and unsafe browser, I don't use my 95c computers for hardly anything on the net, just now and then to get updated files and patches. I run Symantec Corp Antivirus 7.60 and Zone Alarm 3.1.395, as far as I know these are the final versions that work on win95. SCA 7.60 is still supported too. I actually wasn't sure what the best browser was for 95c these days, I'll get a copy of the firefox 1.5 now that I know it works. Thanks for the replies so far guys! I appreciate it!
  5. I'm working on an old dell computer that I want to run win95c on. My question is about updating it. I'm going to be installing Office97Pro and Visual Studio 6. There are so many 95b/95c updates on the MDGX site its making me dizzy! This pack seems a fantastic idea to consolidate them into one large 'service pack' style installer. But... what updates are in it ? There is no info about this update rollup pack! I can't find anything that lists what updates are in it. How am I to find the missing updates and install them afterwards if I can't tell what was installed. Anybody have this info? Is there a info sheet available somewhere that lists exactly what updates are in the rollup beta 8 ? Another thing I am wondering is install order. I have edited the 95c installer to completely remove IE. After its installed I load IE5.5sp2. The highest security rollup for IE 5.5 I can find that works is KB867801, anybody know of a newer one for 95c ? Doing a complete and full update of win95b/95c seems like a nightmare. I think its great that there are pro's out there that are working on the unofficial update rollup to make things easier. Since nobody makes updates for 95 anymore, it seems like the point can be reached where the update rollup has 'everything' in it and no further OS updates need to be installed. Using the modded windows media player 7.1 installer, I can load it on my win95c and it works fine, are there any update patches that should be applied? will they still work since 7.1 on 95 isn't supported? On the MDGX site, where he lists all those win95 updates, I'm unsure of the install order... Do I just start at the top of the list and work my way down? or do I start at the bottom? or are they not arranged like that and the order doesn't matter unless specifically said in its description? Anybody tried to figure a way to run IE6 on Win95? I know win95 is old and outdated, but its fun to have a super nice 'best possible' win95c setup on some of my old systems to show that even win95 can still be a very decent OS and prove its still useful. Thanks for any replies and yeah, I know I ramble a lot!
  6. This look pretty cool, but your link doesn't work, do you have an updated one ? Thanks.
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