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  1. Just to let you know the scale of this thing in the Uk - I work in a tech support department for a pc manufacturer and yesterday our call intake rose by about 400%-500%!! 90-95% of all calls were about this problem. We have sent the patch and removal tools so many times now that we've all lost count. The calls for today are already up by about 300% so I'm in for a fun day...
  2. I've set up a few wireless connections - nothing major. Just two or three machines connecting to each other, or a wireless hub. Maybe I can help... Does the software all install ok? What OS are you using?
  3. If you want a desktop replacement then your best bet is to go for the fastest processor you can get (I think the highest clock speed is currently 2.4GHz), and as much RAM as you can squeeze in (512Mb is a good choice). Office XP will run on this sort of spec without any trouble. Most laptops come with built in modems now, so dialing in through a VPN shouldn't be a problem on any notebook. If you want to play games then as I said before you really want to make sure the machine has 7500 radeon or a GeForce 4 Go card.
  4. Probably best I don't mention who I work for - especially as I have just promoted two rival companies... Kelkoo do price comparisons on most major retailers in the UK (and abroad): Kelkoo Just checking through with them, and they have a few hundred machines under the £1700 mark.
  5. It all depends on what you want to do with it... If you want to play any games then make sure you get a notebook with either the radeon 7500 or the GeForce4 Go graphics chipset. If you are going to use it on the road then battery life and weight are perhaps the most important factors - make sure you get a mobile processor if you want a long battery life. If you're someone who likes style over substance, and you can't live with an ugly notebook, then your best bet is Sony. If you want reliability then Toshiba have always been the best in my view. Finally, if you want cheap then you're best going with one of the smaller OEM suppliers - (one of which I work for).
  6. I wish I could run the site without pop unders... but they're the only thing that is really covering the hosting costs. As it is the logos have to be held on a freespace server James B XPLOGOS
  7. Thanks for the logos - I'll put them up on the site tomorrow. James B
  8. Thanks for the feedback. 1>The old site was by category but it just takes too much of my time to split the logos into the right categories - and some logos belong in more than one section etc... 2> As for the "XP LOGOS" I agree - but the site looks too plain without it. I'm working on a softer background... But it may take some time.
  9. XP LOGOS I posted this site a few months ago and it seemed pretty well received then. The site has just undergone a major overhaul and is now fully searchable. Take a look at the new style (you can compare it to the old way at (XPLOGOS - OLD) and let me know what you think... James B XP LOGOS
  10. Hello there, A lot of the major websites adjust a sites ranking depending on how many other sites link to it. The other thing that some sites do is check the keywords in your metatags and make sure your site does really cover these topics - if it doesn't then it gets moved down the list. James B XPLOGOS.com
  11. aaah... Thanks for the compliment on the logos. We have now changed the tutorial on the site to show the easy way of doing things. James B Xplogos.com
  12. I own a site called XP Logos. Kind of does what it days on the tin. It's a free resource for Windows XP logon logos. It's my first site so go easy on me. The url is XP Logos James B

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