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  1. thx a lot 4 this gr8 tool... i was wondering if we gonna see any updates? like the ones requested above (auto close, expand, stand alone exe etc?) i'd like those features as well. GL & thx once again
  2. O2k7 silent

    do as curtin said, but instead of putting the *.msp file in the updates folder, put it in the root folder (where setup.exe exists) then just run setup.exe /adminfile <yourfile>.msp i think that should work. newayz, therez a thread regarding this somewhere here.
  3. burning engine?

    wrong, nLite 1.4beta does burn ISOs, dunno abt prev versions.
  4. [Help] Creating Unattended Setup

    Thanx for the reply Ponch. I know about the arrow icons on that page, but i don't know what should be the order of the Addons/Updates. Also, i found out about booogys wmp11 integrator. So if i wanted to use that, should i be doing that before the nLite procedure, before adding any update packs?
  5. [Help] Creating Unattended Setup

    Hi guys... I'm trying to make an Unattended XP setup cd for the very first time. And i'm over whelmed with all the numerous threads, addons & different utilities available to accomplish the task. It's all so confusing. My basic priority is to slipstream my SATA & Chipset drivers. I think i was able to slipstream my sata drivers (booted pc with test cd & went up till the choose partition screen) But along with that i'd also like to slipstream my chipset drivers & some updates i download from ryanvm site & also some other basic appz. Now here is what i have : Windows XP Pro (SP2) Retail (Absolutely clean) RVMUpdatePack2.1.11.7z RUPUpdates- RVMAddons_1.8.2.7z RVMAddonsDX9_1.4.7z NR_IE7en_Addon_1.0.6b.7z (Slipstream if possible) WMP11 (Slipstream) Rest of the Appz (Firefox 7zip Winrar etc) Now i'm confused as to how should i go about this task. Should i integrate the rvmupdates with rvmintegrator first and then integrate the rest with nLite, or do everything with nLite. Also, i'm confused as to what should be the order of integration if i'm using nLite. Also, when does all this stuff get installed? I mean at what point of the installation procedure do all these things get installed? And what does the word vanilla mean? does it mean clean rip/untouched/...virgin?! Thanx for reading guys and looking forward to your help