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  1. ImageX HTA with Win PE 3.0/4.0 x64/x86

    i first wanted to say thanks to everyone that worked on this hta, and for tripredacus for your time and taking this further. i have a few questions. i have winpe 3.0 and just created a new win7 wim. i need to have our deskside techs use a thumbdrive to start upgrading users to windows 7. do to the size limit on thumbdrives, do to the format, i have to split out .wim into .swm files. i dont see any .swm file support within the code, is this correct, or something that i can add or change? i also dont see a /apply function. in theory i would just like to have the deskside tech boot in winpe from the thumbdrive and be able to imagex /apply with new win7 .swm files onto the system. im will to help if needed, just let me know! thanks again for you help with this in advance. d@ve
  2. WinPE 2.0 GimageX COM based HTA

    email sent, thank you so much... d@ve
  3. WinPE 2.0 GimageX COM based HTA

    i would like to say thank you very much for an outstanding solution for a gui to imagex. i have a few questions that have been brought up in a few past posts but not sure if ever answered. a. i would like to use the map drive option, but the pop screen does end up out of screen with no way to move it. b. this one is more important but i use nothing but winxp images and would like to incorporate the bootsect command into this proceeds to make it fully unattended or work within our environment. any code or help with this would be greatly appreciated. c. is there still an option or way to remove the new none working progessbar, and show the ugly command prompt window? at this time it looks as if it has just hung. thank you everyone for your help. d@ve
  4. runonce on second boot

    i am kinda having the same problem, but maybe alittle different. i have my dvd created and upon the first bootup i run wpi and install some software and settings. that is all working great. however: i have changed my autologin to 3 now. and i would like to be able to unattendedly install some more apps during each boot. im not sure how to set this up, so that it know upon each boot what to load. example: boot1 = adobe reader - then reboot boot2 = office - then reboot boot3 = photoshop - done im not sure if i can load wpi again after the 2nd boot, but any help would be great, thank you very much... d@ve