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  1. Yes, but I don't still see WHY you want to REPLACE grub4dos, maybe it would be easier to integrate the result of WinsetupfromUSB into your Syslinux based thingy. The multipartiioning is only needed (talking of WinsetupfromUSB) if you need several Vista :ph34r:/7 /Server 2008 versions. grub4dos can be chainloaded by Syslinux allright, like (example): So, all you have to do should be to use Syslinux to load the thingy as is (instead of having grub4dos being the "main" bootloader/bootmanager). jaclaz If it is possible to have on the same partition G4D and Syslinux, you're right, chailoading from one to another is the solution. Worth trying. Thank you.
  2. Sorry. I was quite tired when I was asking the question above, and presumed that the question implies that I would like to know how to do that, or if it was possible. At that time, I didn't found the words necessary to extend the sentence. Anyway, I don't want the program modified, I wanted some help or advice from people with greater knowledge than mine to replace G4D with Syslinux. Sorry again if I put the question the wrong way. The purpose? One USB stick with other tools besides Win setup, tools that are already using Syslinux. I would like to avoid multi-partitioning and I wonder if Winsetupfromusb's boot manager can be recreated in Syslinux.
  3. Hello, Thanks again for this very useful program! To put it short, I have a question: is there a way to replace the usage of Grub4dos with Syslinux? I hope I'm not asking some dumb question. Thank you.
  4. Thanks. I was thinking maybe there was a simple fix besides to reinstall or redeploy an image. The fact is that sometimes I don't realize that my stick is infected, thus broken. I go to another town to install a WinXP, and surprise! The stick doesn't work. Also, I am curious why this behaivior appears after the infection. To say things right, this is my greatest curiosity. Would you recommend a good tool (freeware maybe) for imaging USB sticks?
  5. Nu, I didn't use Plop at first. I've tried after with Plop, but didn't worked.
  6. Hello again! I've got a little question. The story so far: I've made a bootable usb disk using Beta6 (or Beta 7, doesn't matter, I think). Everything working fine, until I've plugged in the stick in an infested computer. The computer had a version of autorun.inf virus, but I desinfected the stick quite easily. The problem is that after infection/desinfection, the stick isn't working anymore. After I hit install, I get the message "Windows is now inspecting your configuration...", and right after this message, I get the error from attach. Of course, I've rebuilded the usb stick and it works again. The question is that if I have an alternate method to "fix" the usb stick, without wiping out and start from scratch. I've tried reinstalling grub4dos, but it is clearly not related to that and didn't worked. Thank you! PS: Now I asked myself where are the old pen drives with write protection...?
  7. My guess is that it has SATA hdd. Some solutions: 1. Check for BIOS setting S-ATA mode (must be changed to IDE or Compatibility) 2. Integrate manually SATA drivers (Mass Storage drivers) in WinXP install for text setup to recognize the HDD (can be done with nlite) 2a. Use Ryan's Driver Pack for WinXP which can integrate most of the SATA drivers. Search around for what method suits you, they are all here somewhere.
  8. OK. Thanks for answering. I will try that as soon I get home. I will post the models of the laptops later, because they are at home. At this moment, I can say only the manufacturers: Toshiba and Acer. I will report back with feedback. LE: Just got a flashback, and I remembered the models of the two notebooks: one is Toshiba Satellite C650 and the other is Acer eMachines E728 (452G25Mnkk I think). Another problem that I just remembered, althorugh I doubt it is related to WinSetupFromUsb, is a VERY slow USB detection at my desktop computer (WinSetupFromUSB and RMPrep). It takes around 5 minutes to detect the USB devices. The same behavior occurs on all operating systems on my machine (Win XP SP3, Win 7). At work, everything works normally. Could it be something fishy with my Asus P5Q-E motherboard? LE2: I'm back. Indeed, direct mapping the ISO was the issue. Thank you very much, man, for your support!
  9. Hello! First of all, thank you ilko_t, for the hard work to create this very useful program. I have a little problem. I've made a bootable USB stick for installing Windows XP SP3 from it using WinSetupFromUSB Beta6. At first, I've tested it succesfully on VMWare and other two desktop computers, working with no problems at all. The problem appears when trying to install from USB on two other notebooks. The USB stick boots, but in the TXT setup of windows, right after "Windows is starting..." message, the screen goes black and stays that way. Things that I've tried: - both notebooks have SATA HDDs, so I've integrated the mass storage drivers for each notebook - tried to change the verision of Windows to a "cleaner" one (genuine CD + SP3 slipstreamed with nLite) - tried to put the laptop's HDD on compatibility/IDE mode For each try, I've remade the USB stick from scratch, and after that I made combinations of all above. The falsh pen is formatted with RMPrepUSB, with NTFS and HDD checkbox ticked. Anyway, nothing worked. For my surprize, as a last resort, I've tried with the latest stable version (0.2.3) and... it worked! Now, I would like to use the Beta6 version, mainly because for the directory structure. I know, it's a stupid reason, but beside that, I've worked on a grub4dos menu that uses Beta6 structure. I don't know what causes the black screen and I wonder if I do something wrong with Beta6. Thank you for your answers and for patience to read my problem.
  10. In the attachement is what I see. At Language I set Finnish (example), then at custom I pick at localization and location Finnish, and then at keyboard US. If I do so, it puts the default input at Finnish. I want to be English (US), but when I click it, to have Finnish also. However, I will play a little with the reg keys you posted. Thanks. I will keep you informed.
  11. Hello, I have a question related to default input language. I want after install of the OS, the Default Input Language to be English (US), but I also want another type of keyboard besides the default input language. With NLite, I've managed to have both languages, but I cannot set the default one (obviously, I can from Regional Settings in Win, but I want it unattended). I can't find the registry key of the default input language to change it. Any ideeas? Another question is that I've changed the default wallpaper with one of my own through registry tweaks, but when Windows starts first, the background is blue, and only after a restart my wallpaper is changed. Is this abnormal? Have I done something wrong? Thanks.
  12. MackTK

    Classic Start Menu

    Yep. It's there. I was unaware of that classic start menu is at themes, because in my mind, the classic start menu it has no connection to themes. Only in my mind, it seems. Thanks, guys.
  13. MackTK

    Classic Start Menu

    Hi, guys I have a little question for you. I've installed nLite - 1.4 beta, and, maybe I'm an id*ot or something, but it seems that I cannot find how to change the start menu with the classical start menu. I've looked around several times, but I cannot change that menu. If someone has a little pity, please help me. Thanks.
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