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  1. can anyone just post the file i can't get it to work for the life of me.
  2. gotcha, i tried the full path in the winnt.sif file for my theme and it's still not loading. i'm a forget about themes... thanks again for the help!
  3. windows won't except two users with the excact same name. ie. Administrator.
  4. yea i gave the winnt.sif full path to the theme a shot and i didn't work. however, my wallpaper is loading with the classic theme, which is good enough for me!!! w00t w00t, thanks again everyone, if anyone has anymore ideas for the them i'd sure like to hear em, i'll try them out...
  5. .reg files do not accept variables. It has to be the full path. this was the problem... i added the full path, and it worked like a charm ... i had the wallpaper as a bmp and with the full path it showed. THANKS DarkBringer for finding that out, i would have never known reg's can't take variables. and thanks for everyone elses help too! now does anyone know what else can and cannot take variables? can the winnt.sif have variables pointing to the theme? i dunno either, i'm going to point it to the full path and give my theme a shot right now, i'll report back with results... thanks again!
  6. changed it to bmp and still it didnt work... i'' put in the full path now...
  7. With no value set. Thanx Did changing this have any positive effect? if so what did you add?
  8. still didn't work... and i'm not sure i did this correctly, could someone correct my work... heres what i did: in cmdlines.txt i added: "regedit /s figs.reg" then in figs.reg i added: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] "Wallpaper"="%systemroot%\\system32\\qube.jpg" [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop] "Wallpaper"="%systemroot%\\system32\\qube.jpg" i also made sure i have the wallpaper in this folder: $OEM$\$$\System32\qube.jpg and still nothing.... what i have at first boot, it the blue background. if i click themes to see what i have, it's modified theme, and the preview shows what i want. the classic look with my wallpaper. i click cancel, let it shutdown and reboot, and still the same thing. if i goto select the wallpaper, my qube.jpg it selected, so if i just click OK and not make any changes, it will show my qube.jpg thanks for everyones help... this sounds like this is a hard one to fix, and if there's no more answers i understand and thanks again...
  9. yes i have i added them in you can see in the .rar file i attached earlier, i also wanted to make it clear that there is two different things going on it this post, first theres just the theme getting that to work OR just getting the wallpaper to load. am i right? or does all this info loop together? and also if they are differnt can i have all these entrys in my files? will they screw each other up? edit: actually they arn't in the .rar file because i added them and it didn't work, so i took them out... i'm a try again right now... Jotnar says to just add the wall paper in system32 directly... not into /web/wallpaper? i'm a try it... i'll report back in a few....
  10. Ight.... I made those changes to the theme file... But to get to the root of the problem its not the theme that isn't loading corretly, its just getting the theme to load AT ALL. I mean I'm getting the modified them that looks like windows classic with the blue wallpaper, and i can goto themes and select my QubeClassic and it loads fine wallpaper, icons, colors... after I select it. But NEVER on first boot. any more ideas...
  11. Tried what you got there.... and nothing.... I made sure all the paths are correct and still nothing... i even got another UXTheme.dll from the cosmtic thread. it changed my logon picture to a rocket... lol but nothing else seams to work i have attached a winrar file that has all my customized files if anyone wants to help... i dunno what to do... give up? NEVER!!! thanks for you guys's help so far.... ps i keep the dir structure for the $OEM$ folder... took out all the large files, but the main ones are there... thanks again!! _OEM_.rar
  12. I have this in my winnt.sif does it make a difference if u have %systemroot% or %windir% ?? about to try it thought... [Shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile="%Systemroot%\Resources\Themes\QubeClassic.theme" DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes
  13. evilvoice, i changed my shutdown time to two minutes, i looks like windows completely loads and no theme is applied, even after the reboot theres no theme, just "modified theme" :/
  14. to evilvoice: i put the shutdown time at 2mins, and still didn't apply my theme, even after the reboot. to DarkBringer: yes my wallpaper is there... to Jotnar: your tip would be applied at the cmdlines.cmd ?? just copy and paste in there with the correct path? to flattspott: themes for me arn't working either... to All: I'm either trying to get a theme to work, with some customized icons and the wallpaper, or the other option i want the classic look with a wallpaper. please help.
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