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  1. Danaldinho

    Formatting my laptop

    Thanks and is it worth downloading one as it might be better ?
  2. Danaldinho

    Formatting my laptop

    Also when i plug something into the USB slots, it doesnt seem to show it, so like that doesnt work either, anyone know how i can change that ? Thanks alot
  3. Danaldinho

    Man Utd Fans Forum

    no advertising... and you better edit your signature too... last warning!
  4. Danaldinho

    Internet Problem

    I think its this one Wirelessly using built-in Windows tools
  5. Danaldinho

    Internet Problem

    Ok hmm Well im using a router I dont quite know what else you want, sorry Thanks
  6. Danaldinho

    Hey Members

    Hi, thanks for the welcome, and sorry, i will change my sig now
  7. Danaldinho

    Internet Problem

    Ever since i have had Vista, every so often, my internet connection goes and just disconnects itself I try to reconnect but it cant seem to find it then The only way for me to fix it, is to restart my laptop and i hate doing that as i am sometimes in the middle of something and i have to close everything down. So does anyone know any ways to fix this or is it something im going to have to get used to with Vista Thanks, Daniel
  8. Danaldinho

    Hey Members

    Hey Members, Im Danny, Nice To Meet You All B) And nice smiles
  9. Danaldinho

    Bourne Ult

    I liked this too, definately the best of the 3
  10. Danaldinho

    Formatting my laptop

    I decided i need to format my laptop as it had loads of crap on there and i was using Windows XP. Anyway when i tired to install XP again, i got some errors with copying files it seemed The error messages said that Setup couldn't copy a file. Heres a list of the ones it listed and couldnt find: rio8drv.sys riodrv.sys tosdvd.sys p3.sys parport.sys swenum.sys processr.sys dmstyle.dll sonydcam.sys stream.sys I had to skip every file to continue with the installation So does anyone know what i should do next ? Edit: Also i got near to the last stages of installation and it said this: What should i do Thanks, Daniel